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The American Heart Association offers programs for the classroom and for
the gym to get help kids healthy and performing better in school.

Jump Rope for Heart.

A Message from the Teacher

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the P.S. 184 Health and Physical Education webpage!

I will be contributing to this webpage to keep all of you up to date with the exciting new things that your students are learning in Physical Education and the opportunities available to them outside of the classroom. I am looking to a wonderful rest of the year ahead.

– Miss Drauch

“Physical activity is critical to the development and maintenance of good health. The goal of physical education is to develop physically educated individuals who have the knowledge, skills, and confidence to enjoy a lifetime of healthful physical activity.”

What's New?

I am excited to announce that our school has once again been awarded the School Wellness Grant for school year 2019-2020. Having consulted with our G.O., the students have decided that they would like to fund a K-5 Track & Field afters chool program. This will begin in February and run until the end of the year with sessions for grades K & 1, 2 & 3, and 4 & 5.

This January and February we will be starting our annual Kids Heart Challenge Fundraiser Event. Fundraising packets will be sent home with the students and will contain information on how to sign up online or accept cash/check donations. Our culminating event will take place, very fittingly, on Friday, February 14th.

Attention 3rd & 4th grade families: Pamphlets were sent home with information on the “Ski NY Free for Kids Passport Program.” This is a wonderful opportunity to expose the children to a winter sport that they may not always have access to learn. For more information please visit

As part of our wellness incentive, grade K-2 classes will partake in a “Healthy Snack Challenge.” Students will have the opportunity to bring in healthy snacks to school to enjoy during their snack time. The first class to reach 50 healthy snacks per week will be awarded an additional Physical Education class during STAR period with Miss Drauch.

Striving for schoolwide wellness by way of:

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Move to improve (K-5)

  • All teachers are trained in ways to incorporatemovement and exercise into learningand assessmen
  • Move to Improve is done for 8 minutes each day—helping our school to reach the 120 weekly minutes of physical education manadate
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  • This Spring, Ms. Drauch will be running an afterschool Track & Field Enrichment Program for grades K-5.
  • There will be three cycles of the program split up by grade levels: K and 1, 2 and 3, & 4 and 5. Participants will be selected through a lottery system. ***More information to come.***

Healthy Snack Challenge

  • Students are challenged to bring in healthy snack options instead of chips, cookies, furit snacks, etc.
  • During “snack time,”if the teacher sees a healthy snack, she will put a marble in the healthy snack jar
  • The classes to fill the jar first will receivean extra period of physical education where theywill be able to choose fromfun, engaging, physicalactivities
  • Attention all 3rd and 4th Grade Families:

    The Kids Learn to Ski or Ride Passport is the perfect program for those who do not ski or are true beginners. With the Learn to Ski or Ride program, a child receives a lift ticket, lesson and equipment rental free* at all participating ski areas. There are over 20 ski areas throughout New York State participating in the Learn to Ski or Ride program. Once you receive your Passport in the mail, you can start hitting the slopes! Reservations at ski areas may be required.*$31 processing fee applies. Must show proof child is in 3rd or 4th grade. Each 3rd & 4th grade student will be given an information brochure with more information on the program.

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Physical Education (K-5)

  • All students have two 45-minute physical education periods each week where they partake in sequential, age-appropriate lessons to teach them the skills necessary to succeed both in sports and in life.
  • Below are the skills that students partake in throughout the year:

-Throwing & Catching
-Striking & Shooting
-Passing (with hands and with feet)
-Dribbling (with hands and with feet)
-Jump Rope & Hula Hoop
-Parachute Activities
-Track & Field
-Doding & Fleeing Tag Games
-Locomotor Movements
-Cardiorespiratory EnduranceExercises
-Muscular Endurance Exercises
-Muscular Strength Exercises
-Flexibility& Balance Exercises
-Community BuildingTeamwork Activities
-Fitnessgram Testing Activities

Physical Education, as determined by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, benefits students by:

  •  Increasing their level of physical activity
  • Improving their grades and standardized test scores
  • Helping them stay on task in the classroom