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NYC DOE Website

How to use it:

Find up-to-date information on NYC public schools, including how to apply to school

Who’s it for:
Anyone: This website is open to the public—you don’t need an account

  • The latest information on all DOE policies, processes, and events
  • Admissions resources; video playlists, accessible version of the NYC Public Schools Admissions Guide, and more
MySchools Account website

MySchools Account

How to use it:

Explore schools and early childhood programs, build an application, apply, get offers, and check wait lists—all in one place

Who’s it for: Anyone: Year-round, school directories are open to the public

Families with children applying to school: Create an account to access a personalized search and your child’s application

  • Access your child’s personalized application and apply and/or register online
  • Search for specific schools, or filter based on your own criteria
  • Learn about your zoned school, if you have one
  • Choose up to 12 programs that your child would like to attend
  • View your results and offers, as well as manage waitlists
NYC Schools Account (NYCSA)

NYC Schools Account (NYCSA)

How to use it:

Track your child’s education—see grades, get updates, and more

Who’s it for: Anyone: Create an account to get general DOE emergency alerts
Families with children currently in DOE public schools: Add children to your account to access their records

  • Attendance
  • Graduation Tracker
  • Guardians
  • Health Information
  • Individualized Education Program (IEP) Information
  • Promotion Tracker
  • Reading Level
  • Student Documents (Report Card, Transcript, Summer School Letter)
  • Transportation
DOE Student Account website

DOE Student Account

How to use it:

The DOE creates a student account for every single New York City public school student, including 3K and Pre-K students. With your DOE student account, you can access an array of DOE technology platforms

Who’s it for:

  • Upload vaccination proof
  • TeachHub
  • iLearnNYC
  • Google for Education,
  • Microsoft Office,
  • Zoom, and more