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February 16th 2024 (HIV Notice)
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Dear Parent or Guardian:

HIV and AIDS are among the most serious health problems Americans have ever faced. Advances in medicine now allow people with HIV to live long and healthy lives, but there is still no cure. Health education plays a critical role in helping students learn to make healthy choices and to protect themselves and others.

The New York State Education Department and New York City Public Schools require that HIV education be taught annually to all students in kindergarten through grade 12, as part of comprehensive health education. This year, your child will have the opportunity to learn from a new curriculum, called Growing Up and Staying Safe, that is medically accurate, inclusive, age-appropriate, and developed in partnership with national experts, local community leaders, parents/caregivers, and educators.

In the elementary grades, students learn how to stay healthy and avoid illnesses, develop self-worth and respect for their bodies, advocate for kindness and empathy, and communicate with trusted adults. Please review the included grade level overview(s) to learn more about the lessons. You can access them here:

We respect your role as parents/guardians in teaching your child about healthy behaviors that support your family’s beliefs and values. We encourage you to discuss with your child what they are learning in health class and share your beliefs and values with them.

Parents, guardians, and schools share a common goal: we want students of all ages to be healthy in all aspects of their lives. We encourage you to speak to your child’s teacher, parent coordinator, or me if you’d like to learn more about the curriculum. If you have any questions, please call me at 718.352.7800.


Grace Lee-Sim


Dear Parents/Guardians,

The PTA would like to inform you that there is 1 open position available on the SLT (School Leadership Team) here in PS 184. These are elected positions and open for nomination. This position is ONLY for the remainder of the school year due to a vacated position. Nominations will be taken, and a vote conducted at this month’s PTA meeting held on Monday, January 22nd, at 7:00pm.

Here is an explanation of what the SLT is and what it is responsible for.

⮚ What is a School Leadership Team? School Leadership Teams (SLTs) are school-based organizations composed of an equal number of parents and staff. They meet at least once a month and determine the structure for school-based planning and shared decision-making.

⮚ SLT members: SLTs must include as mandatory members: the school principal, the PA/PTA president (or designee), the UFT chapter leader, and an equal number of parents and staff with a total of at least 10 members.

⮚ SLTs’ roles in schools: The core responsibility of each SLT is to develop the school’s Comprehensive Educational Plan (CEP) that is aligned with the school-based budget. Functioning in a collaborative manner, SLTs also help to evaluate the effectiveness of the school’s educational programs and their impact on student achievement.

*SLT meetings are one Thursday a month starting at 2:30pm and usually do not go past 4pm. You MUST be able to attend in person, and cannot miss more than 3 meetings.*

If you are interested in being part of the SLT, please nominate yourself by filling out the tear-off below and return it to the PTA by sending it into school with your child by Friday, January 19th.

All KINDERGARTEN, 1st and 2nd Grade Families can now easily activate your child’s

NYC Kids Rise Save for College account!


Dear P.S. 184 Families,

Each NYC Kindergartener and newly enrolled 1st grade student is gifted with a $100 scholarship and savings account to help encourage children to think of the possibilities of college education. This is a FREE initiative that began in Spring 2022 from NYC Department of Education and the Gray Foundation. During this SPECIAL ACTIVATION month of January 2024, we are excited for the possibilities of future education and encourage our P.S. 184Q families to activate their child’s account and earn another $25 reward just for activating!!

All you will need is

  • your parent email.
  • child’s date of birth
  • student ID OSIS#
  • home zip code

The process takes less than 5 minutes. You may also link to an existing 529 account to have all this information in 1 convenient location.

Visit, click the ACTIVATE ACCOUNT button at the top, to get started.  For your convenience you can change the language in the pink box on the top right.

When you activate let me know via email & please RETURN the special RED money Learning Leaf for the education tree” with your child’s name & drawing to decorate the money tree in our school.

Please contact me with any questions you may have or if you need help activating the account.




Sandra Blanchet

Parent Coordinator.

Dear Students and Parents:

Fifth-grade students will have the chance to audition for the esteemed P.S. 184 Debate Team. Notably, last year, our fifth-grade debaters clinched the coveted Traveling Trophy, the highest honor in debate, along with individual top 20 honors. Those eager to join the team must fill out the provided form and submit it to Ms. Cregan by January 4, 2024. There will be a mandatory tryout for the team, as only 10 students will be selected – 8 for active debating roles and 2 to assist the team in its preparations. Don’t miss this opportunity to showcase your skills and contribute to our winning legacy!

Kindly note that should a student successfully secure a spot on the team, it will be mandatory for them to remain one day after school each week. Please be aware that there won’t be any bus service provided during these times. Additionally, there is an upcoming tournament scheduled for the end of February or beginning of March, although the exact date has yet to be finalized.

It’s important to emphasize that debate is not only an after-school activity, but also involves students completing assignments and practicing at home. Lastly, participating in debate demands a high level of dedication, as it is a competitive endeavor that requires commitment.

If your child is interested, please complete the tear off below and return it to Ms. Cregan no later than Jan. 4th.


Grace Lee-Sim

Principal, IA



Return Tear Off to Ms. Cregan No Later Than January 4th.


Student’s Name: ________________________________________            Class: _____________


My child is interested in trying out for the PS 184 Debate Team and both my child and I understand that if my child makes the team, there will be mandatory meetings and tournaments that my child will have to attend. We also understand that there is work and practice that will have to be completed at home.



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