Grade 5
Science / Social Studies
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Mrs. Giglia




Math Assignments to do from home:


  • Go to

  • Click on enVision2.0New York Grade 5

  • Choose  

    • Topic 10  (Volume Concepts): Lessons 10.4, 10.5, 10.6, Topic 10 Online Assessment

    • Topic 11 (Convert Measurements): Lessons 11.1 - 11.8, Topic 11 Online Assessment

  •  Try the Solve and Share for each lesson

  •  Watch the Visual Learning Video and Another Look Video (for each lesson)

  •  Complete pages for the lessons in your workbook or on Active eBook online


  • Green New York CCLS READY book - All previously skipped problems: p. 2 - 39

  • Green New York CCLS READY book - p. 40 - 54


For more math fun:

  •  Go to Game Center on  to practice skills using games

  •  Go to First in Math to practice math skills



ELA Assignments to do from home:


  • You should complete 25 minutes of Power Up daily. 

Teacher Email for Log-in: 

  • Ms. Vesely -

  • Mrs. Baker -

  • Mrs. Guzman -

  • Mrs. Giglia -


STORYWORKS - Read the following articles and complete the “Write to Win” or “What’s the Connection?” writing activity related to each article

Password: lakeluck4704 

March/April 2020

  • “Out of the Burning Darkness”

  • “There Were Giants”

  • “The Snake That’s Eating Florida”

  • “The Elephants and the Mice”

  • “Should We Get Rid of Daylight Savings Time?” (Study the points on both sides of the argument and think about your own opinion. Sate your opinion. *Challenge yourself to create an argumentative essay to support your position). 


Ready Book Lessons:

  • Lesson 16: Understanding literary structure pg. 280

  • Lesson 17: Point of View  pg. 294

  • Lesson 9: Summarizing Literary Texts pg. 148

  • Lesson 19: Understanding Supporting Evidence pg. 336

  • Lesson 22: Comparing and Contrasting Stories in the Same Genre pg. 398



Science Assignments to do from home:


Digital Access to Amplify. - You should continue to go through our current unit, “The Earth Systems” 

There is a temporary family login for access to the digital Student Books and simulations for home use. This access will enable you to read and/or set up for independent exploration.

To access digital Student Books and simulations, navigate to:

  • Select “Log in with Amplify” and enter the username and password:

    • Username:

    • Password: COVID2019

  • Select the unit the class is currently working on at school (The Earth Systems)

  • Once logged in to the particular unit, you will find icons for all of the student books in the unit, as well as the digital apps associated with the unit. 

Brainpop - Watch the following videos and take notes on your learning. You may create a thinking map to demonstrate your learning. 

Username: admin123

Password: macadmin 

  • Groundwater            - Earth

  • Water Cycle            - Greenhouse Effect

  • Water Pollution        - Natural Resources 

  • Droughts             - Energy Sources 

Raz Kids - Read the assigned books and complete the quizzes (

Teacher Username for Log-in: 

Mrs. Baker/Ms. Vesely - Raz43               Mrs. Guzman - Raz52                 Mrs. Giglia - Raz53            


  • “Earth’s Water”        - “The Force of Water”        - “Threats to Our Atmosphere”

  • “The Water Cycle”        - “Groundwater”

A Message from the Teachers

Dear 5th Grade Parents,

Fifth Grade is in full swing. We hope that all students are enjoying their final year in elementary school. This year is not only special because your children will be moving up to the next phase in their educational careers but that they are provided with an array of amazing opportunities. We ask that you reinforce the importance of this year regarding academics, accountability, and responsibility. We ask that we collaborate as one to ensure a wonderful final year at P.S.184. 

Please use this website for monthly updates, helpful resources, and as a way to stay informed. We strongly encourage your child to take advantage of the LEXIA program. Maintaining our monthly virtues in school and our everyday lives will help guide our students to be College and Career ready.

Sincerely,                                                                                                                                                                                                     Mrs. Giglia   


Dates to Remember

Learning Topics

Month of March


This unit addresses the following core ideas:
* Earth Materials and Systems
*The Roles of Water in Earth’s Surface Processes
*Human Impacts on Earth Systems
*Chemical Reactions
*Structure and Properties of Matter
* Defining and Delimiting Engineering Problems
* Developing Possible Solutions:






Students will be provided with definitions in class. As a class we discuss the vocabulary words and apply them throughout the lesson. Thank you for your cooperation in working with your children.

  • engineer
  • shortage
  • explanation
  • resource
  • synthesize
  • biosphere
  • hydrosphere
  • system
  • atmosphere
  • condensation
  • water vapor
  • molecule
  • evaporation
  • design
  • criteria
  • iterate
  • wastewater
  • diagram
  • geosphere
  • property
  • chemical reaction
  • matter
  • substance
  • evidence

More vocabulary words will follow…






Habits of Mind

– Sticking to task at hand

– Follow through to completion

– Can and do remain focused

What is it? – Thinking before acting

Sounds like – “Just a minute, let me think” “What will happen if I do this?” “What’s the right thing for me to do now?”

Looks like – Looking both ways before crossing the street. Examining directions before beginning a task. Pausing.

Feels like – Slow down. Take a deep breath. Count to ten. Pause to think. This person cares enough to really listen to me. Comforting, Trusting, Vulnerable

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