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Grade 4 Web Page


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A Message from the Teachers

We are now closer to our state exams! We are working very hard to prepare your children for the ELA, Math, and Science state tests. 

For math we continue work with geometry. In literacy, we are focusing on test sophistication strategies including short and extended response writing.

Thank you for your continued support and hard work.    

Please continue to log onto and for reading and math support at home.

Grade 4 Team


  • Read 40 minutes each night - time can be split with books, Lexia, and RAZ-Kids
  • Bring your math book back to school each day.
  • Check your child's planner daily for homework and test dates

Dates to Remember

  • March 9th - Trip to Queens College
  • March 25-26 -ELA State Exams

Learning Topics

Month of March 2020


EQ: How can we use our reading skills to better comprehend short texts and describe author’s craft?

·      Test sophistication strategies

·      Using metacognition to be a better reader


EQ:  Writing: How do writers response to writing based on a text and prepare for an examination?

·      Test sophistication strategies

·      Constructed response writing

        Extended response writing


Test sophistication strategies

Area and Perimeter

·      Perimeter and area of rectangles

·      Area of combined rectangles

·      Find unknown measures

Two-Dimensional Figures

·       Line, Rays, and Angles

·       Classify Triangles and Quadrilaterals

·       Lines of Symmetry

·       Shape Patterns


·       Measuring Angles

·       Drawing Angles

·       Join and Separate Angles

          Unknown Angle Measures


Vision and Light

·      Observe how people and other animals use their senses to get information about what is in their environment.

·      Study how people and other animals have body structures that function to get information from their environment.

·      Investigate light and understand how it allows us to see

How did three diverse cultures interact and affect each other?

·      English influences in New York


How did the American Revolution affect the lives in New York?

·      Causes of conflict in the colonies

·      Role of New York in the Revolution

·      Declaration of Independence

Habits of Mind

5 Key Habits of Mind for 4th Grade

  • Sticking to a task at hand
  • Follow through to completion
  • Can and do remained focused
  • Take time to consider options
  • Think before speaking or acting
  • Remain calm when stressed or challenged 
  • Thoughtful and considerate of others
  • Willing to try something new and different 
  • Consider doing things that are safe and sane even though new to me
  • Face fear of making mistakes or of coming up short and don’t let this stop me
  • Able to change perspective
  • Consider the input of others
  • Generate alternatives
  • Weigh options
  • Pay attention to and do not dismiss another person’s thoughts, feelings, and ideas
  • Seek to put myself in the other person’s shoes
  • Tell others when I can relate to what they are expressing
  • Hold thoughts at a distance in order to respect another person’s point of view and feelings