Grade 3 Web Page

3rd Grade Scholars


Mrs. Wong


Mrs. Vicari


Mrs. DiGuglielmo
Mrs. Abruzzino


· Lexia 20 minutes

· Razz Kids 20 minutes


  • use the following log in information:


password: Class3208!

Code: uth7516

· First in Math 30 minutes

· Game Center on

* GoNoodle 10 minutes a day

* Outdoor activities 30 minutes:


1. For ALL Envisions Math Assignments to do at home:

¨ First go to

¨ Click on Topic 9

¨ Try the “Solve and Share” for each lesson

¨ Watch the “Visual Learning “ Video and “Another Look” Video (for each lesson)

Complete the following lessons in Topic 9:

¨ 9.2: Add 3 Digit Numbers- Independent Practice page 485 #1-5

¨ 9.3: Add 3 Digit Numbers- Independent Practice page 491 #1-8

¨ 9.4: Add 3 Digit Numbers- Independent Practice page 497 #3-8

¨ 9.6: Subtract 3 Digit Numbers- Independent Practice page 509 #1-8

¨ 9.7: Subtract 3 Digit Numbers- Independent Practice page 515 #1-8

¨ Reteach pages 525-528: Sets A, B, D, F

¨ Topic Assessment pages 529-532: #1-18

2. Math Soft Test Practice Book 1: pages 28-53 #1-40

3. If you completed Topic 9 and the Soft Test Practice Book work on “Dynamath” pages 2-5 and answer questions on p. 5 #12-16

1. Big Book Ready New York CCLS: Classes 3-208 & 3-210

¨ Unit 2: pages 134-143 #1-13

¨ Unit 3: pages 188-197 #1-13

¨ Unit 4: pages 282-291 #1-13

2. Big Book Ready New York CCLS: Class 3-205

¨ Unit 2: pages 77-84 #1-10

¨ Unit 3: pages 111-118 #1-9

¨ Unit 4: pages 161-168 #1-9

3. Story Works (February 2020) for ALL CLASSES: 

  • Scholastic StoryWorks password: crownfun9568

¨ Read “Mac and Mania Cheese Mania” pages 12-13

¨ Read “Big Red Lollipop” pages 14-19. When you come to a “Pause and Think” answer the questions in your head.

¨ Read “Is Football Too Dangerous for Kids” pages 26-27. Write your opinion on loose-leaf paper. Should kids stop playing tackle football? Include an introduction, body paragraph and conclusion. Include details to support your opinion and linking words and phrases.

* China Worksheets

A Message from the Teachers



Dear Parents, 

We are now a few weeks away to our state exams! We are working very hard to prepare your children for the ELA and
Math state tests.  In science, we are studying Inheritance and Traits. In social studies, we are in China. We are continuing our work with fractions in math and have started comparing them. We continue to review addition and subtraction. In literacy, we are continuing our test sophistication unit to better prepare students for the upcoming state exams.  During Test Sophistication we read a variety of texts and practice answering short response and essay type questions, referring to the text for details.  Please be sure to refer to the Habits of Mind when working with your child in order to promote a positive Growth Mind Set.

As a reminder, we strongly encourage you to have your child use Lexia and First In Math  as it helps better prepare your child for upcoming assessments.  Also continue to memorize your multiplication facts which will boost confidence and ease the transition into future math units.

Thank you for your continued support and hard work.





Dates to Remember

  • March 4th Report Cards
  • March 5th PTC
  • March 10th Marathon Playhouse Trip
  • March 25-26 ELA State Exam

Learning Topics

Month of March

Test Sophistication

Multiple Choice





Unit: Addition and Subtraction/Fractions

Unit:  Inheritance and Traits

In China


– Words are assigned every Monday.

– Follow “Activity Choice Menu” sheet to complete one task per night. 

– WFL “Activity Choice Menu” sheet has changed

Reading passage with reading comprehension questions for Monday-Thursday, this package is due every Friday.

Math workbook will go home when homework assignment is from workbook.  

Log on to Lexia for 15 minutes and read your book for 15 minutes