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Dear Parents/Guardians of Students in Grade 2,

The work that the students will be expected to complete while they are out of school will be a combination of reading, writing, and math work. The work for each subject area will be updated every two weeks. Please check the school website for updates.

The reading assignments will be as follows:
1. The students can do a combination of reading books from their book baggy, and/or Lexia for 25 mins. each night.
2. A biography of Theodore Roosevelt will be sent home along with a sample tree map. The students will read and take notes on his early life, adult life, and accomplishments (why he is famous).
3. The students will also read an article from Scholastic called Rocket Man. The students will use a tree map to take notes on his training, rocket launch, and working in space. Then use your notes to complete the sheet with comprehension questions.

The writing assignments will require the use of their notes from Theodore Roosevelt and the article Rocket Man.
1. Use your tree map from Theodore Roosevelt to write a biography. Each section of your tree map will be a paragraph. The first section will be about early life, then adult life, and the final paragraph will be accomplishments. The students should include a topic sentence, and the note facts from the tree map for the details.
2. Then, they will use their notes to write about Rocket Man. Each section of their tree map will be a different paragraph.

The math assignments can be completed by logging into The login and password is in the planner. Lessons have been assigned. Make sure that the students complete the following parts of each lesson:
1. Visual Learning and Do You Understand online.
2. Then, the students can complete the pages that go along with that lesson in their workbook.
3. Additional resources online are Enrichment, Reteach, Today’s Challenge, and Center Games.
4. The chapter 8 assessment has been assigned online also. The students should take this once they complete the work for this unit.
5. Once the chapter 8 assessment has been completed, the students can move into chapter 9 and complete the work for lessons 9.1- 9.4.
6. The students can also log into First in Math.

Any questions, please feel free to contact us by email, or at the school.

Best regards,
Second Grade Teachers

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A Message From the 2nd Grade Teachers:

Dear Families,

     Welcome to March!  We are just about half way into the school year and this month promises to be an eventful and exciting one! We will be continuing  our “Kindness initiative.  A kindness reminder and quote will continue to be announced every day. 

     Each  month, we continue to set high, but clear and appropriate goals for all students as well as  assist and support them in using their knowledge and abilities to meet those rigorous expectations for the second half of the school year.  You will continue to see more changes in your child’s maturity and thinking, as he/she becomes a more independent learner. Most importantly, you will see greater strides in their educational journey as they become critical readers, writers and mathematicians.  

     Second grade is filled with many fascinating topics, especially in science and social studies. The students will learn new content in authentic ways and will become scientists and engineers to solve real life problems. This month in Science, our young scientists will design a mixture for a specific purpose. They will share ideas and understandings about how the properties of a substance can change when heated or cooled and how adding an ingredient to a mixture can cause an effect to the properties of that mixture as well. In Social Studies, our young historians will learn how and why communities change over time. Students will explore and understand the importance of the early native inhabitants of New York and how the Dutch, English and early European explorers also affected and influenced the development of New York City.

     Staying involved in your child’s education is the key to a successful year and an even more successful student. Remember, the school day begins at 8:10 and pick up is at 2:25. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have about your child or other school issues and we will do the same. We believe keeping the lines of communication open between home and school is a key to component to the success of a child’s education. We will keep you informed of curriculum, your child’s progress, and any other information that will aid in making this year successful and memorable.

As always, thank you in advance for all of your help and support!
The Second Grade Team


Dates to Remember

  • April 3,2020 ~ Wax Museum
    Grade 2 Celebration

Learning Topics

Month of March 2020 


READING Workshop: Biography

Young readers…

·     take charge of reading by using strategies to boost fluency and comprehension.

  Use text features to navigate and comprehend a nonfiction text (biography).

  Identify the elements of a biography

  Identify and locate text features in a biography

  Identify key ideas and details that describe a person

  Describe how people react to events in their life

  Identify main idea and supporting details of a biographical text

  WRITING Workshop

  Young writers…

  • ·      ·  understand that a person’s life events follow a chronological order.
  • ·       use a thinking map to take notes and identify facts about a person’s early life, adulthood and importance to write an informational essay (biography). 
  • ·       use a checklist and a rubric to self-/peer-/teacher-assess their writing..


Working with Time And Money

  • ·       Solve problems with coins and dollars
  • ·       Tell time to 5 minutes
  • ·       Tell time  before and after the hour
  •     Understanding am and pm

Properties Of Materials: How can you design a mixture for a specific purpose?

  • When a substance is heated or cooled its properties can change
  • Adding an ingredient to a mixture can cause an effect on the properties of the mixture.
  • Understanding cause and effect can help inform scientists, engineers design.
  • Engineers share their ideas.


Unit 2: New York City Over Time ~ How and why do communities change over time?


  • Understand the early inhabitants of New York (Native Americans, the Dutch and the English.
  • Describe and understand the importance and influence of Henry Hudson and Peter Stuyvesant
  • Understand how the Dutch affected and influenced the development of NYC.
  • Analyze timelines.

Schedule Of Specials

Mon. ~ Art

Tue. ~ Critical Thinking

Wed ~ Physical Education/Theater

Thur. ~ Physical Education

Fri. ~  Music/Library

Mon. ~  Physical Education

Tue. ~  Art

Wed. ~ Critical Thinking

Thur. ~ Theater

Fri. ~  Physical Education

Mon. ~  Music/Library/Dance

Tue. ~  Theater

Wed. ~ Physical Education

Thur. ~  Art/Physical Education

Fri. ~ Critical Thinking