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You will find everything you need for remote learning on google classrooms.  See you there!

Suggested Times for Online Resources

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Lexia Core5 – weekly assigned minutes

Raz Kids – 30 minutes daily

Envisions Math – Complete the daily lesson and extra activities found in the assignments section on the Envisions Math website.   (do not go ahead of the homework sheet)

First in Math – 30 minutes daily

Amplify – Science –To access the library materials (e-books) at home on a device, navigate to:
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The password is: remotelearning2020

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We are studying: Animal and Plant Defenses and Light and Sound.

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A Message from the Teachers

Dear Parents,
Wow!  It’s already March.  Your children are moving along in their studies.  They have been learning so much.  The children are progressing in their reading accuracy and comprehension. Reading levels have gone up.  We are so proud of all they have accomplished! Keep up the great work!
                                             The First Grade Teachers

Ask your child what is.....

The Power of YET!

Dates to Remember

Learning Topics

Month of March 2020

WRITING Workshop:

Unit: Opinion Writing: Write an Opinion Piece

  • To create informed opinions that revolve around detailed reasons
  • To elaborate using various writing strategies
  • adding –er, -est words
  • catchy introduction
  • multiple reasons


READING Workshop:

Unit: Reading Nonfiction

Anchor Texts: Seahorses, Elephants and Their Calves and Great Migrations: Elephants


  • To review and acquire more skills and strategies to independently read nonfiction texts
  • To be able to use text features effectively to better understand the text

Unit of Study- Readers Have Big Jobs To Do

Anchor Texts: A Fine, Fine School,The Recess Queen,Marvelous Cornelius


  • Identify who is telling the story at various points in the text.
  • Know and apply grade level phonics and word analysis skills in decoding words.
  • Read with sufficient accuracy and fluency to support comprehension

Topic 8- Understand Place Value

  • Make numbers 11-19
  • Numbers made with tens
  • Count with groups of tens and leftovers (ones)
  • Tens and ones
  • Use tens and ones to make numbers in different ways

Topic 9- Compare Two-Digit Numbers

  • 1 more, 1 less; 10 more, 10 less
  • Compare numbers
  • Compare numbers with symbols
  • Compare numbers on a number line

UNIT: Light and Sound

EQ: How can we use light and sound to design shadow scenery and sound effects for a puppet theater?

  • Identify light sources
  • Investigate a series of questions with their own light source (flashlight)
  • Investigate how light gets to a surface
  • Explore by making shadows on different surfaces

UNIT: What is a Community?

Community Jobs

  • People in communities have different jobs (teacher, truck driver, doctor, government leaders, etc.)

Meeting Community Needs

  • Families have needs
  • Communities meet people’s needs
  • People work to earn money to provide for their needs
  • Governments provide assistance to families and communities
  • Problems arise when people want more than the community can provide
  • People use tools –science, technology- to meet needs
  • Conserve resources (recycle)


In order to help alleviate / lessen the amount of work, we have removed this homework section.  We feel that the work that is being taught throughout the day is more than enough.  Homework is just a recap of what the children learn in a day and they are completing their lessons at home anyway.  We will continue the WWW because we feel that the words  are essential to building their reading and writing skills.  We put these WWW lessons in the classwork during the week.

enVision Math

How to log on to enVision Math

  • click – Green oval
  • click – NYC EasyBridge Plus Login
  • Sign in with the User Name and Password given to you
  • click – enVisionmath2.0 Common Core Grade 1 2016

If you….click – explore
click – enVisionmath 2.0 Common Core Grade 1 2016
click – topic we are studying (or previous one to review)
click – choose a lesson
click – any of the choices given

If you….click – my work

click – tools
In this section, you will find a game center, glossary, math tools

click – assignments

In this section,  you will find assigned lessons, by your teacher, that we are currently working on now

Each week, your child will be getting a few vocabulary words that we use in class.  We want the children to become familiar with these words as their everyday speaking language.  By using the words at home and in school, they will become a part of their everyday vocabulary.  Each night your child will pick 1 word and use it to complete the nightly task assignments. Each week, a WfL homework sheet will be given out.  Please complete all homework on this sheet.

WfL Nightly Tasks


Write a sentence with one WFL word.


Write the definition for one WFL in your own words.


Make an index card for one of your WFL words. See example below.

words for life card instruction
Front: Word in the center – BIG. NAME, DATE and NUMBER on the bottom Back: Definition in your own words. Picture.

Words for Life (WFL)

Will Return ??????

Word Wall Words (WWW)

Will Return???

Just Say Hi!

Just Say Hi! is a school-wide initiative that focuses on being welcoming and treating people with respect. Kind words make people feel happy or nice, and unkind words can hurt their feelings. Different people have different abilities. Everyone has strengths and also things that are hard for them. We treat all people with respect regardless of their abilities. Sometimes we have ideas about others that are based on the way they look or act which may not be true. These ideas can change the way we treat the other person. We may think that for people with different abilities (disabilities) they are not able to do certain things because of their disability. This is not always true. So remember to Just Say Hi!


F & P Assessment

What is F & P?

“The Fountas & Pinnell Benchmark Assessment System is used to identify the instructional and independent reading levels of students with accuracy and reliability. Through original, precise texts and tools, teachers can observe and quantify specific reading behaviors, and then interpret and use that data to plan meaningful, responsive teaching.”

How is F & P administered?

Teachers sit with students one to one. Student reads the story to the teacher as the teacher is following and scoring on a running record. If child masters the decoding/fluency section, they move on to the comprehension questioning section.  Here, higher order questions are asked to the child, to answer. If mastered, the child will move on to the next level.  The same process continues.

child reading

Nightly Reading

First grade is a very important time in a reader’s life. It’s a time for students to work on their early literacy skills, build stamina, and a love of reading! All students who hand in the completed reading log and comprehension sheets on the due date will receive a homework pass. The logs must be complete along with the reading comprehension sheets that are attached to the log. The next Monthly Reading Packet is due on

, 2020
Thank you for your partnership in building life-long readers! We look forward to be giving out many homework passes. Happy Reading!

PARP - Parents As Reading Partners

Please set aside time daily to read with your child and help foster a love of reading.  All you need to do is take 15-30 minutes daily to read with your child.  This is different from the nightly reading we do for class.  During PARP time, either the adult or the child can read aloud to one another. Discussion around the content of the books/magazines should also be a part of this time.  Your child should be able to choose any book/magazine they would like to read. This school initiative supports our school wide instructional focus of improving reading performance and progress for all our students. Please look for the special calendar each month in your child’s homework folder.  Send it back to school at the end of the month, filled in, and your child will receive a small prize.

We Encourage Our Students To Apply the 12 Habits of Mind


How Parents Can Instill a Growth Mindset at Home

Research shows that parents can have a powerful impact on their childrens’ mindsets. The language you use and the actions you take show your children what you expect. Giving process praise, talking about the brain, accepting mistakes as learning opportunities, and understanding the role of emotions in learning are all practices you can begin today.

Say This, Not That

The way we praise our children can have a profound impact on their mindset. Research on praise and mindsets shows that when we praise children for being smart, it promotes a fixed mindset. It sends a message that their accomplishments are trait-based, and tied to something innate. In contrast, praising kids for working hard promotes a growth mindset. It sends a message that the child’s effort is what led them to success. Want more tips on what to say, and what not to say, when praising your kids? Say This, Not That!