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School Vision

Each school year we ask for your input in ensuring our vision is understood and embraced by our families. We also review our vision with the staff to ensure their support and input as well.

Our vision is as follows:

P.S. 184Q is a dedicated community of life-long learners. Students, staff and families work together and support one another in accomplishing the essential challenge of preparing all students for college and career. By connecting rigorous curriculum and standards to authentic, real life experiences and circumstances, we engage, nurture and challenge students, while simultaneously highlighting individual strengths and talents. Our students will make a variety of positive contributions to the modern world around them and ultimately become Learners for Life, for Life!

We emphasize authentic real world connections to rigorous standards based curriculum. If you have not completed our survey about the school vision please feel free to do so now at the link provided.

School Data

Overall looking at NYS data is purposeful in getting a sense of the curriculum and teaching that takes place in a school. Though NYS exams have changed over the years, we continue to make strides toward ensuring progress and performance for all students.

CLICK HERE to see Data sheets summarizing this year’s ELA and Math data.

Literacy Instruction

We believe that students learn best with a balanced literacy approach that includes different levels of support in reading and writing at different points in the curriculum based on students age levels and needs.

CLICK HERE for some more specific information about Balanced literacy.

Our teachers continually revise curriculum based on student engagement performance and progress. This year we are making a concerted effort to adjust our units to be more inclusive of different cultures reflected in our student body.

Mathematics Instruction

We believe that like literacy math should be balanced and it should include a variety of support levels and lesson types. Last year our math revisions engaged our students and improved outcome for ALL students.

CLICK HERE for some resources for parents about math.

Social Emotional Learning Initiatives

  • Safety First Initiative

Each year we introduce our Safety first initiative to students. We define physical and emotional safety and connect our own choices and actions to making sure everyone feels safe all the time at P.S.184Q!

  • Just Say Hi

Several years ago our school was identified as a Just Say Hi School. We are a school that is welcoming to all. This initiative originally began with an awareness of physical differences and the knowledge that we are all different in some way and embracing those differences by Just Saying Hi will result in all students feeling safe and welcome. We have expanded this initiative in our own school to include being open and friendly to those who have different cultures or speak different languages. We have connected our Kindness counts initiative to the Just Say Hi initiative!

  • Cloud9World

This is new this year. In line with preparing our children for the real world, we know that creating independent thinkers who are able to solve problems and think critically is equally important as creating empathetic and well-rounded people who care about others and the world around them.

  • Kindness Counts

Last year we encouraged our children to prioritize kindness in their decisions and actions. Our work in this area led to our school receiving Respect for All recognition.

  • Rocket Rewards

This program was created to reward classes of students who respect the school rules and put safety first. Classes can choose to exchange these rewards with positive consequences based on the attached list.

  • Student Recognition Awards

Each month we recognize our students for their hard work and dedication to meeting individual goals. We celebrate with grade 3-5 assemblies for our older students and evening celebrations for our K-2 students and their family members. Letters are sent home with this information when students are recognized.
Physical and Mental Wellness

Physical Education

All of our students receive the NYS mandated amount of physical education time provided by a combination of a certified physical education teacher and our approved Move to Improve program. Move to Improve is a movement in the classroom program that embeds movement into instruction. Time spent in this activity is counted toward the weekly requirement.

Arts Programming

Our full time visual arts program continues this year with all classes in grades K-5 enjoying weekly art lessons based on the blueprint for the arts.
Our Theater Program has been expanded to four days a week and now all classes have the opportunity to participate.
A two day a week music program has also been established for mostly lower grade classes.
Ballroom Dancing lessons are being provided by Dancing Classroom’s residency program for our fifth graders.
Grade K-4 classes will be receiving modern dance instruction through a Citi-center dance residency.

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NYC DOE Discipline Code

The Discipline Code is also known as the Citywide Behavioral Expectations to Support Student Learning. It: Is age-specific with one set for grades K-5 and

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