Please do not drop off your child before the designated times, as especially this year, due to safety reasons, there is no supervision before school starts.


IMPORTANT:  All Families of grade K-5 students will be expected to practice social distancing during entry and dismissal. We have done our part by designating additional doors for entry, where many children report directly to their learning area and are supervised by support staff. Some classes will line up outside and be picked up by their teachers on most days. Outside areas are supervised by staff and may not be accessed by parents or family members. Please cooperate with this critical change in the entry and dismissal procedures. Orange cones will be set up to indicate these restricted areas. Social distancing markers and/or signs are posted or displayed for children to follow. Please discuss the purpose of these fence signs and floor markings with your children.

TRAFFIC SAFETY:  For safety reasons, do not stop your car directly in front of exits/entrances when dropping off your child as this creates a hazard for others. Park your vehicle legally and walk your child to the designated drop off spot. Older children may be dropped off BEFORE or BEYOND the exits, and are allowed to walk on their own to the designated drop off spots.

8:20-8:30 AM Grade K-5 entry only as follows:

Grades K-1

Students will be allowed to begin lining up in the designated areas at 8:20 am

  • Kindergarten will line up in the small gated yard outside the kindergarten rooms just outside the lunchroom. Heath tickets will be collected as students arrive.
  • First grade will begin line up in the Cove Area on the concrete facing the door.
  • Heath tickets will be collected as students arrive.
  • Teachers will pick up their classes outside and escort them to the classroom promptly at 8:30am.

KINDERGARTEN: Line-Up in Small yard outside of lunchroom K drop off at opening adjacent to park on 21st road

GRADE 1: Line-up in COVE drop off on 166th street

Grade 2-5 and Class 120A and 120B (K-2/3-4)

  • Designated doors for students in these grades and classes will open at 8:20 am.
  • Students may proceed to instruction areas which will be supervised by adults.
  • Heath tickets will be collected as students arrive.

GRADE 2 (Class 120A and 120B)

Drop off at Exit 4/5 door by corner of 166th and 21st road

GRADE 3: Drop off at opening on 21st Avenue adjacent to park. Enter through Lunchroom door facing the park.

GRADE 4: Drop of at opening on 21st Avenue adjacent to park. Enter through Gym door facing the park.

GRADE 5: Drop off on 21st Avenue Cove Gate. Enter through door at the front of the auditorium.

8:45 AM Pre-Kindergarten Arrival

  • Doors open for students at 8:45 am
  • Students proceed directly into the classroom
PRE-KINDERGARTEN: Exit 12 (Pre-K door) Children will enter the building by the doors facing the school yard on the 21st road side of the building (Exit 12) directly into their classrooms

Critical Changes

  • We can no longer offer breakfast in the lunchroom. A cold grab and go breakfast is provided if a child requests this. We highly recommend students eat breakfast at home in order to limit any eating in school to the greatest extent possible.
  • We can no longer allow older siblings to enter through the same entrances as their younger brothers/sisters due to the guidance from the CDC and DOE around keeping cohorts separate to the greatest extent possible.


Students will be lined up and dismissed alphabetically by last name. Line spots will be assigned alphabetically by last name and anytime cohorts need to move from one space to another, (drills, exiting for lunch) they will travel in a single socially distant line and in the same assigned spot order based on last name.  All Dismissal patterns will mimic entrance patterns. Students will be released to parents or guardians at the same location they dropped them off.

1:45 PM – Grade K (Dismissed from the schoolyard on the right side at the opening of gate on 21st Rd)

1:45PM –  Grade 3 (Dismissed from the schoolyard on the 21st Ave side)

1:50 PM – Grade 1 & Grade 4 (Dismissed from morning drop off area)

1:55 PM – Grade 2 & Grade 5 (Dismissed from morning drop off area)

1:50 PM – Class 120A / 120B (Dismissed from morning drop off area)

2:00 PM – Pre-K (Dismissed from the Pre-K classrooms facing the schoolyard (Exit 12)

In grades 4 and 5 students may be dismissed without an adult only if the appropriate form letter is submitted to the school. This letter can be found on the school website