Weekly Update #29

Dear PS 184 Parents and Guardians, 


As always, during this unprecedented school year, we thank all our families for your partnership and cooperation as we navigate many different circumstances. Here are this week’s important updates:


In-Person Return:  Beginning Monday, as per the mayor’s directive, we are welcoming to the school building the students who changed their learning preference during the enrollment period that ended on April 9th. The new enrollment by learning preference is 237 remote students and 251 in person learners. Thank you to the families who attended our town hall on this topic. Several communications have been provided as well. If you missed the town hall and have any questions, please contact the Parent Coordinator. 


State exams: This past week the state exams were administered to the students whose parent/guardian opted to do so. The Math state exam window starts on Monday, May 3rd, through Friday, May 14th. Information and schedules will be released this week.


Summer Rising: The Summer Rising program application period begins on April 26th.  At this time, our school building is not scheduled to be open for Summer Rising. Interested families should still apply and can attend at another designated location. We will update you as soon as we know the location that our students will be attending.


Phone Calls and Voice Mail: Please be mindful that on occasions when the school must reach parents/guardians, or emergency contacts, it is important that your voicemail box is able to receive messages. We have many instances of voicemail that is full or not set-up, preventing school staff from leaving important messages. Your cooperation is appreciated. 


Arrivals and Dismissal: As the number of in-person students increases, we’d like to remind you that at drop-off, once your child has entered the building or joined their line, please do not keep your cars parked in the no-standing zones. If you plan to stay for an extended time, please park in a legal parking spot and walk to the building. At arrival and dismissal, please do not double park or block driveways. 


Spirit Day: The Spring Council has planned a “Crazy Sock Day” for Friday, April 30th. 


Enjoy the rest of your weekend!