Weekly Update #23

Dear parents and guardians,


The first week of March 2021 was very busy and eventful for all of us, we hope you had a peaceful weekend and that all of you and your loved ones are safe and healthy. 


Building Closure/Remote Transition: This week we were directed by the situation room and DOH to close the building for 10 days due to two positive unrelated COVID cases in the school community. Individuals and families of individuals who may have been exposed to the positive cases have been notified separately. I want to thank our teachers and family members for supporting our in-person learners through the initial transition and for continuing to support the children during this upcoming week, as I know will be the case. 


Remote student attendance: Students will be asked to complete the mood meter question each morning and this will count toward attendance. We also highly recommend that all students attend the live sessions that are scheduled each day. Live sessions are critical to children being able to participate in and complete any assigned tasks. 


Parent Support: As always during remote days we do have our school aides conduct check-in calls in an effort to support our families and get a sense of their needs. We also are fortunate to have Ms. Antonella Golia serving as our parent coordinator, she is always available to answer any questions or support families.


NYS Testing: We are still in the process of preparing our children for the NYS Assessments, which remain on the calendar, ELA – April 20th, 21st, and Math – May 4th, 5th. Our test sophistication units this year provide additional support in practice related to the expectations of the exams. Both the fully remote and the in-person students will be experiencing practice and review sessions during the school day. Additionally, the i Ready program itself is 100% aligned to the exam style and questions. This individualized system is a big support offered equally to all students. For these reasons, in addition to the unfixed nature of the exam administration and the fact that it will not count as it has in the past,  we will not be offering a separate test sophistication program. Finally, it would be impossible to provide an in-person weekend program that was differentiated, as we have in the past. Removing these two highly effective features to the program would not make it as effective as it has been in the past.


SEL Support: We want to remind our families of the afterschool SEL outreach programs that are being offered to our students. These sessions help provide on screen fun and socialization opportunities.

Ms. Acquista continues to provide Mindfulness Mondays for all students.

Ms. Drauch will be inviting all grade 4 and 5 students to Wellness Wednesday sessions

Ms. Vicari offers Fun Friday sessions for grade 2 and 3 students.


Email notifications: To ensure that the greatest number of parents are receiving urgent/important messages, and the weekly emails, we will be utilizing an additional email method through our Blackboard Connect service. In that case, you may receive emails from our Parent Coordinator Antonella Golia as well as emails from “PS 184 FLUSHING MANOR – 25Q184 – NYC <email@blackboard.com>”


Parent Chat: Mrs. Golia will host a Parent Chat for 2nd and 3rd-grade families this Thursday, you will receive an invitation to register if your child is in those grades. 


Picture Day update: We recently received updated guidelines from the superintendent’s office and president’s council about school pictures. At this time, only 5th and 8th grade photo sessions will be allowed. These grades will be able to take individual portraits, no class pictures, and we must follow very strict guidelines and submit a safety plan for approval. If we do receive permission and guidelines to run picture day for the other grades, we will work closely with the district and the PTA to determine a plan. 


Remote Parent Engagement: Remote Parent Engagement sessions continue this week for 1st and 5th grade families on Friday, March 12th. You will receive an invitation by email.