Weekly Update #17

Dear Parents and Guardians,

It was nice to meet so many parents in our virtual meetings this week. I thank you for your warm welcome, your kind words, and for participating so actively in the meetings. At this time, I would like to inform you that going forward, Mrs. Dimilta and I will collaborate on these weekly updates and I will be sending them out. We will continue to post them on the school website as well. 

Important Safety Guidelines During Arrival and Dismissal: Parents, guardians, and family members are reminded of the importance of wearing masks and observing social distancing guidelines of at least 6 feet when you are within and around the vicinity of the school building.  All adults who are dropping off and picking up students should be wearing a mask when waiting for their child to enter or exit the school. During this time, you are in contact with other families, students, and school staff. It is also important for all adults to serve as an example and model the behavior we are asking the children to follow when at school. 

Please continue to follow traffic safety measures to keep members of our community safe, and please be mindful of our neighbors by avoiding double parking or blocking driveways during arrival and dismissal.

Health screeners have been provided to parents of in-person students. Your child should arrive at school with the screener already filled out and in hand. If you need additional forms, please contact the Parent Coordinator, Mrs. Golia, with your child’s name and class. Along with the health screener, please make sure that your child is wearing his or her mask. If you have any concerns about this, please contact Mrs. Golia and she will be happy to help you. 

We ask parents to make their best effort in ensuring that their children arrive at school on time, whether in person or remotely. It not only allows for a positive start to the school day for your child but also easier management of the safety and health procedures described above. 

Update on Devices: If you require a device for your child you must contact the parent coordinator to make this request. The DOE link that once allowed families to request devices is no longer active. Only the school can make requests on behalf of families.

Homework Survey Reminder: Please remember to complete the homework survey if you have not already done so. We are using these results to make decisions about assignments for the remainder of the school year. You can access the survey through this link: Homework Survey

Schoolwide Assessments: Thanks to all those fully remote families who have ensured that their child has been able to log in to complete the mid- year iReady assessments. Thanks to all those in-person families who have sent in earphones/ earpods for their child to be able to take the assessments in school. We hope to have all the iReady assessments completed by the end of the week. We will then encourage all students to complete 50 minutes per week of iReady practice in ELA and math. The link here gives parents an idea about how the assessment works. https://www.curriculumassociates.com/teaching-learning-2020/home-assessment-family-support

PE and Move to Improve: All students continue to receive physical education instruction in-person and remotely as part of their instructional program. We also incorporate movement during the instructional day through our Move to Improve program, which also satisfies the PE requirement. Because the school day has been reduced to 5 ½ hours this school year, in order to satisfy state regulation on instructional time, the entire day is required to be instruction. As the weather improves we will implement a plan for the students to go outside for Physical Education class. Any opportunity for outdoor or physical activity is required to be incorporated into instruction. In addition, students are still required to be socially distant whether indoors or outdoors. This makes supervision by one staff member challenging and additional staff are not available to be outdoors regularly due to indoor assignments.

Virtual Meet and Greets & Parent Chats: There will be an additional meet and greets with the Parent Coordinator for 3rd, 4th, and 5th-grade parents and guardians. You can view the schedule here and you will receive the login information via email prior to each meeting. As mentioned at the virtual meetings, we are excited to introduce Parent Chats.  In collaboration with the leadership of District 25, we will be rolling out at least three Parent Chats, which are roundtable sessions designed to allow parents to do most of the sharing and provide feedback on topics that are relevant to our school community. More information will be shared with you the week of January 25th.

Parent Coordinator Contact Information: The school website contact page has been updated to reflect the PC’s information. 

School Holiday: Schools are closed on Monday, 1/18/21, in observance of Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King’s Day.


Enjoy the rest of your long weekend.