Weekly Update #16

Dear Parents and Guardians,

I would like to begin this week by thanking everyone for your support and cooperation during the transition to 5-day in person instruction which required some changes to the schedule and entry and dismissal procedures. Thanks to the flexibility of staff members, parents and students we have gotten off to a great start!

Health Screener Update: The health screener was updated to include the recent CDC guidance that reduced the 14-day quarantine period 10 days. Please continue to read carefully and answer all health screener questions about your children each day.  Also, please use and send in the most updated version of the screener that was most recently sent home each day.

Weekly random Testing Continues: As per the DOE guidelines each elementary school will have random weekly testing of 20% of eligible in-person students (grades 1-5) and staff. Consent for testing is required for all in-person learners at this time. We thank our staff and our families for understanding and complying with this DOE policy.

Update on Devices: If you have a device assigned to your child from the school we ask that you continue to keep these devices safe and allow your child to use the devices to access their google classrooms where homework may still be assigned. Your child can also access iReady ELA and Math and RAZ kids using these devices. We will not be collecting them until the end of this academic year, just before we break for summer vacation. In the event any or all students must transition to remote instruction it is essential that the devices remain charged and accessible. If any family requires a device, please complete the survey in on the DOE website or contact our parent coordinator.

Attendance Policy Reminder: Please be reminded that in person students must attend in person in order to be marked present. If your child is going to be absent due to a COVID related situation you should share this information with the school. You can email AGolia@schools.nyc.gov or call the office to let a staff member know and we will be in touch about procedures for you to follow. Fully Remote students should complete the mood meter attendance question and complete any online work to ensure attendance is captured. Of course, we continue to strongly encourage that students join online any live teaching sessions scheduled for the day.

Homework/Asynchronous work: At this month’s SLT meeting we will be discussing the transition back to the assignment of homework for our in-person learners, now that they attend school daily. We will also be aligning the asynchronous work assigned to our fully remote students to the daily homework so that all students on each grade complete similar assignments and learn the same content.

Schoolwide Assessments: This month children will once again be assigned a diagnostic exam in iReady ELA and Math as well as RAZ kids. We will be using this data to measure progress towards general school CEP goals and academic progress of individual children. The results of these assessments drive instruction and lesson planning, therefore it is critical to have the children complete these assessments independently. Please watch this video for parents to better understand iReady assessments. https://www.curriculumassociates.com/teaching-learning-2020/home-assessment-family-support

Parent Coordinator Update: Antonella Golia began her role as Parent Coordinator this past week. She will be holding virtual meet and greet sessions this week with each grade. A schedule of sessions will be posted on the school website ps184q.com, emails will also be sent to each grade about these sessions. We hope you will be able to join her for these sessions. You can contact Ms. Golia directly at AGolia@schools.nyc.gov if you have questions or require support.

Future weekly emails: Beginning next week, our parent coordinator, Ms. Antonella Golia will be sending the weekly emails and I will be updating the community monthly as in the past. Your weekly emails will come from the DOE email AGolia@schools.nyc.gov.  Please be sure that this email address does not go into your junk or spam folder as important school information will also be shared from this email address.

Thank you for your continued support throughout this process. Looking forward to continuing on our journey of learning, as we all continue to be Learners for Life, for Life!


Anna Dimilta