Weekly Update #15

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Happy New Year 2021 to all! Let’s hope we are heading towards a new year of wonderful times for all of us, especially our children!

Beginning on Monday January 4, 2021, all in-person learners will be attending school daily as per the Mayors directive.  We are pleased that we were able to implement this new schedule with the least amount of change for most of our students. Any changes made were necessary in order to maintain social distancing capacity across classrooms. We continue to strive to maintain the safest possible environment for all students and staff.

Reminders about mask wearing and social distancing requirements:

Students and staff are required to wear masks in the school building except for mask breaks and lunch. We continue to ask the parent community to remind the children of this requirement and are pleased that so many of our students have been able to comply.

Morning Entry and Dismissal Procedures: Please note that the entry and dismissal procedures may be adjusted based on traffic flow and patterns in the first few days. Adult staff members will be inside and outside the building beginning at 8:20 to help with supervising students and adjust line up areas as needed to keep cohorts separate.

Grade K – Students report to 3/4 on 21st road and will go directly to classrooms beginning at 8:20
Grade 1 – Students will report and enter through the cove door and report directly to classrooms beginning at 8:20
Grade 2 – and Class 121, (Ms. Messale) and Class 223, (Ms. Impoco) enter through exit 5/6 on 21st road
Grade 3 – will report to area outside lunchroom to be picked up and escorted into the building at 8:30
Grade 4 – will report to area outside the gym on 21st Avenue to be picked up and escorted into the building at 8:30
Grade 5 – All students report to the area outside the auditorium


1:40 PM – Grade K (Dismissed from the schoolyard on the right side at the opening of gate on 21st Rd)

1:40 PM – Grade 1 (Dismissed from morning drop off area)

1:50PM –  Grade 3 (Dismissed from the schoolyard on the 21st Ave side)

1:50 PM-   Grade 4 (Dismissed from morning drop off area)

1:55 PM – Grade 2 & Grade 5 (Dismissed from morning drop off area)

1:45 PM – Class 223 (Ms. Impoco) and Class 121 (Ms. Messale) (Dismissed from morning drop off area)

2:00 PM – Pre-K (Dismissed from the Pre-K classrooms facing the schoolyard (Exit 12)

Schedule Changes: Reorganizing the school mid-year to implement the Mayor’s Directive of 5 day in-person instruction for all blended students has caused the need for a complete revision to the schedule for in-person lunch coverages and access to clusters such as Art and Music and Physical Education and may have also had a bearing on the fully remote classes, in the upper grades particularly. These changes will be communicated on the google classrooms of the fully remote students. We thank everyone in advance for your patience and understanding during these changes.

Health Screener Questionnaire: We ask all families to complete the health screener questionnaire each day and have your child bring the health screener with them each day. Any change to the health screener will be communicated and new ones will be sent home.

Weekly random Testing: As per the DOE guidelines each elementary school will have random weekly testing for all students in grades 1-5. Consent for testing is required for all in person learners at this time. We thank our families for understanding and complying with this DOE policy.

Traffic Around School: Please continue to honor all traffic patterns and rules as safety is a top priority both inside and outside the building. Please remember that the number of students in the building each day will doubled as of January 4, 2021. A total of 225 students will be learning in-person each day. Plan accordingly when you prepare for drop off and pick- up.

Parent Coordinator Update: After an entire year, I am so pleased to announce that a new parent coordinator has been selected and will begin tomorrow, January 4, 2021. Mrs. Antonella Golia is a former parent of the P.S. 184Q community and has experience as a parent coordinator in district 26. Mrs. Golia will be introducing herself to parents and family members of both the in-person and fully remote families in the coming weeks. I would like to welcome her to the staff.

Thank you for your continued support throughout this process. Looking forward to continuing on our journey of learning, as we all continue to be Learners for Life, for Life!


Anna Dimilta