Weekly Update #14

Dear Parents and Guardians,

As I write the last weekly email of 2020. I want to thank the entire P.S. 184Q community for all of the support during this unprecedented, unexpected time. By working together, understanding restrictions and following them and putting our trust in one another we have continued to provide our children with high quality instruction that is part of the fabric of our school. I would like to wish everyone who is part of this special and unique community a restful, peaceful December break and a healthy and happy New Year 2021.

5-day Learning Transition: Town Hall Meetings were held last week to explain what the five-day transition will mean for our early grade and upper grade students. Changes, though not ideal in the middle of the school year were made necessary by the Mayor’s 5-day, in-person directive. The benefits of having our young learners in school 5 days a week, in person will outweigh any transitional concerns and we ask for your patience through this additional change. The DOE policy does not currently allow fully remote students to return to blended learning at this time. Fully remote children will continue to learn from home. A brief summary of information shared during the town hall meetings is as follows:

In grade K-1: children will be regrouped into 3 classrooms per grade using maximum capacity guidelines allowing for social distancing. Some children will have a new teacher; this was necessary based on the capacity in each room.

In grade 2: there will be one ICT class divided into 2 classrooms across the hall from each other. Both teachers will work with both groups at different times throughout the school day. No teacher changes will be necessary on this grade. The teachers will continue to co-plan for all subjects.

In grades 3-5: there will be no change in teachers. Departmentalization will continue. Due to the capacity of classrooms, union regulations on class size, staffing availability and state regulations about ICT classes student groupings and learning environments will change. There will be two groups (classes) on each of these grades. One group will continue to learn in the larger space while another group will learn in a classroom on the second floor.

Families will be notified of any changes to current class, teacher or learning environment by your child’s homeroom teacher or the main office before the break. Entry and dismissal procedures will be shared in a parent email and on the school website.

Upcoming Report Card distribution: Report cards will be available on Monday, December 21, 2020 on the NYC Schools Account. Paper report cards will not be issued. The report cards are based on our school’s current grading policy, which is based on NYC DOE COVID related grading policy. Our school’s grading policy can be found on the school website ps184q.com under the Resources section.   If you have trouble accessing the report card on the NYC schools Account, contact the school.

Parent Coordinator Update: A Parent coordinator has been selected and will be introduced to the community as soon as processing is completed after we return in January.

PTA Updates: A PTA meeting is scheduled for Tuesday evening, December 22,2020 at 7:00PM. We will also be holding the first, grade 5, committee meeting at the end of the PTA Meeting. Information will go out directly to the grade 5 families about how to participate.


Anna Dimilta