Weekly Update #13

Dear Parents and Guardians,

I would like to thank everyone for their support and flexibility through these unprecedented times. This week I write to you about some important updates specific to our school.

5-day Learning Transition for Pre-K and 12:1 classes beginning today: The Mayor previously announced that all schools should attempt to transition to 5-day a week programing for in-person learners using its existing resources. Beginning today our two, small, 12:1 classes and our Pre-K class will be attending school 5-days a week. Existing staff and available space allowed this transition to be implemented beginning December 14, 2020. Parents have been notified.

5-day Learning Transition for all Grades beginning in January: After meeting with SLT in an emergency meeting to provide school specific information related to a partial 5-day schedule for some grades, I received new information on Friday morning that will allow me to plan for and implement a 5-day in-person schedule for all students in grades K-5 at P.S. 184Q beginning on January 4, 2020.  Students will continue to follow all social distancing guidelines while in school and maximum capacity guidelines must be adhered to for all in school learning. Though I have tried to avoid staffing changes to the greatest extent possible to implement this citywide directive, there will be some minimal staffing changes necessary. It will also be necessary to reorganize student learning groups in some cases. The transition will eliminate any blended learning at our school. We will have two learning groups beginning in January. An in-person full time learning group and a fully remote learning group. Our goal is to continue to provide optimal learning conditions for all of our students regardless of learning preferences.  Parent Town Hall Meetings will be scheduled this week to discuss the specifics to the 5-day learning plan. A Grade K-2 meeting and a grade 3-5 meeting will be scheduled for this coming Friday. Emails with links and times will be sent out by Wednesday.

Morning Entry Procedures during Winter months: Morning entry is included in the school day and we are required to follow social distancing and cohort separation during this time. The number of available staff to supervise entry is limited and will be even more limited once we increase the number of cohorts in the building in January. With cold and inclement weather being more common in the coming months, we encourage our families to consider dropping off their children closer to the start of the school day. Teachers are not available to supervise children until 8:30AM. As per the current DOE agreement with the UFT, the first 30 minutes of the school day is for planning and collaboration among teachers. 

Upcoming Report Card distribution: Report cards will be distributed using the NYC schools Account communication system. You will receive a special email letting you know when the report cards are available for viewing. Please be sure that you can access your New York City Schools Account in the next few days so that accessing the report card will be easily accomplished. No paper report cards will be distributed this school year.

Parent Coordinator Update: Parent coordinator interviews will be scheduled for this upcoming week. I hope to have a decision by the end of the week. Processing can take a few weeks after that but I am confident that I will be able to introduce a parent coordinator to the community when we return to school in January 2021.

PTA Updates: I met with the PTA executive board to discuss the school budget and needs related to this year’s unique circumstances. They have been able to provide some festive decorations for different areas of the school building for the children to enjoy. Lap desks have been purchased for all grade 5 students, including our fully remote students. We will look at the safest way for our fully remote families to arrange for pick-up of these items in the coming weeks. Please be sure to check your emails from the PTA. We hope to see many of you at the next PTA meeting!

Wishing everyone continued health and well-being as we enter this last month of 2020!

Anna Dimilta