Weekly Update #10

Dear Parents and Guardians,

As we continue to follow the guidance of the Mayor and the Chancellor this coming week will be a fully remote week for all students, as NYC school buildings continue to remain closed. We thank you for your patience during the immediate transition for all students. We continue to work closely with our teachers to ensure as little change as possible for the students during this closure. We are hoping that school buildings are able to open up soon. Until that point we will be providing telephone check ins and access to school aides emails if any questions or concerns should arise.

Family Support for Remote Learning:

In the absence of a parent coordinator, school aides have been assigned by grade, to support our families during this remote learning window as was done last spring.

PRE-K families can reach out to the Pre-K teachers

Grade K – Rosie Mercado rmercado3@schools.nyc.gov

Grade 1 – Mindy Greenberg mgreenberg9@schools.nyc.gov

Grade 2 – Rita Carducci rcarducci@schools.nyc.gov

Grade 3 – Maria Di Maria MDimaria@schools.nyc.gov

Grade 4 – Lilly Agro lagro3@schools.nyc.gov

Grade 5 – Angela Girardi-agirardi@schools.nyc.gov

NYC Schools Account Registration: This past week, data indicating the percent of families who have registered using the NYC schools account by school was released. Over 80% of the P.S. 184Q families have already registered! We are pleased that so many of our families have access to this important and immediate source of information. We will be contacting families this week to remind them to sign up if they have not already done so.

Learning Preference Survey: The Learning preference survey to change from blended to fully remote continues to be available for families at any time. The link for the learning preference survey, also posted on the school website is https://www.nycenet.edu/surveys/learningpreference

Consent for Random Testing: Families can use their NYC schools account to enter their choice for consent or no consent to random testing for their children. The Mayor has indicated that random testing will be part of the path to schools reopening. We want to be sure that our families are informed and have the most up to date consent form information accessible to them. This is why we have been calling all families to remind them to access the NYC schools account to make this decision.

SLT Update: New SLT members met at our most recent SLT meeting. Minutes from this meeting have been posted on the school website. Information about our school’s grading policy was discussed and will also be posted on the school website under resources. It will also be shared at grade level town Hall meetings which will be scheduled the week of November 30, 2020.

PTA Update: Our PTA will be holding the next general meeting on November 30, 2020. You will receive information about how to join directly from the PTA.

Wishing everyone a very healthy and happy Thanksgiving!


Anna Dimilta