Weekly Update #5

Dear Parents and Guardians of P.S. 184Q,

We continue to celebrate the accomplishments of our students and are pleased to be able to share these updates with you about improvements to our school’s infrastructure which will provide a safer, healthier more comfortable environment for our children and staff members.


Camera Installation Project Completion: A long awaited safety feature has been added to the P.S. 184Q infrastructure. 31 interior and exterior cameras are now up and running and footage is being monitored by security at the front desk and available to administration as well. This was made possible by the remarkable support of Councilman Paul Vallone.

Air Conditioning Initiative: This Spring initiative came to a halt when the pandemic hit us in March. Work in classrooms on the first floor to install electrical capacity for individual air conditioner units has begun over the last week. We expect that the air conditioners will be installed over the fall and winter month so that they can go into use this Spring. This will improve comfort for our students and teachers during the warm weather days.

On Site Early Grade Playground Funding: P.S. 184Q was awarded a total of 1,000,000 dollars to support the building of an on-site early childhood playground. These funds were provided by Councilman Vallone’s office and the office of Queens borough President, Sharon Lee. This generous gesture will provide a playground designated for only P.S. 184Q students.



i-Ready Reading and Math Diagnostic Assessments: The i-Ready reading diagnostic window is closing and student specific assignments will be generated for children to access and use to improve reading abilities on a regular basis.  The i-Ready math administration is next to be administered. This independent activity is also designed to get to know the students’ abilities in math and address their needs with instruction that will support growth for all students.

First in Math: This is a fluency based online program to support speed and accuracy in number facts that will be needed when solving more challenging problems. This program is designed to provide practice in an independent and fun way and has motivating awards built in. Students then move up to more challenging facts as they show progress.



PTA SLT Elections: As you heard last week the PTA has scheduled and announced its first virtual meeting of the year on Tuesday, October 27, 2020 and virtual elections on Wednesday, October 28, 2020. as well. There is a registration process for voting in the election to ensure that voters are parents or guardians of students at P.S. 184Q. Seats on the PTA and SLT are available and will be elected at this virtual election meeting.

Work-free Weekend: Our students, parents and staff members work so hard during the school/work week. We as a school community believe in self-care and health and wellness particularly during these challenging times. At the most recent SLT meeting we discussed the work-free weekend incentive that was put in place last spring, during fully remote learning. As a school policy we will not be assigning any new or required assignments on weekends. Families can choose to use this time to take a break from technology and focus on spending quality time with family friends and enjoying the outdoors. This time can also be dedicated to enrichment, projects.



Continue to complete Blue Cards using the link below so that we can contact you easily in any emergency or should an important matter come up.


Continue to complete required lunch forms using the link below


Listen to telephone reminders daily to ensure you know the correct day for your child’s group, also check the website for the alternating Monday schedule.

Continue to complete the bright pink health screener and be sure your child has it with them when arriving at school.

Fully Remote Families explore your child’s google classroom.

Continue to visit the school website ps184q.com regularly to examine resources for at home support.


Anna Dimilta