Weekly Update #4

Dear Parents and Guardians of P.S. 184Q,

I hope everyone is able to rest and enjoy this three-day weekend. I would like to congratulate all of our wonderful parents and family members for showing patience and support while adjusting to this newly created educational experience that has been thrust upon all of us.

The reality is that being home and witnessing your children being educated right before your eyes is not an easy feat, it requires patience and the ability to allow them to struggle and do things independently. As a parent myself, I completely understand the desire to rescue my own children from struggle, I also feel the stress at the possibility that they may not meet expectations that are set for them. The brick and mortar of a school building allows your child to grow and develop in a safe environment where you are not present. This school year, whether you chose fully remote or blended, a portion of your child’s schooling is occurring with you or a caregiver present. Additionally, part of the day to day learning includes challenging tasks and assessments, adding to the complexity of at home learning. I would like to provide information that might support you with this.

Growth Mindset: One of our pre-pandemic initiatives, as a school, was reinforcing the growth mindset and teaching our students the “power of yet”. We encouraged mistakes and celebrated imperfection and explained that they were a necessary part of the learning process. We also connected the idea that hard work yields success. Here is a parent resource for you to learn more about this.


Beginning of the Year Assessments: We continue to provide opportunities for our students to share their knowledge with us through our beginning of the year assessments. These assessments provide us with a starting point in terms of skills and standards based knowledge. Getting to know each child through these assessments allows us to set goals and work towards those goals for each child as well as the school at large. We have done this in the past and have been successful in ensuring progress and performance for all students. We ask for your patience and understanding through this process as these assessments have always been given in the school building without the presence of family members. We ask that you allow the children to take these assessments on their own and do the best they can. Most students have completed iready reading diagnostic assessment. Still to come are the iready math assessment and the RAZ kids leveling activity. Also note that the diagnostics in ELA and Math are given 4 times a year to monitor and check progress and adjust lessons and assignments.

PTA SLT Elections: You will be receiving communication from the PTA about upcoming virtual elections and our first PTA meeting of the school year, which will also be virtual. Test emails have been sent using the stored PTA emails. In order to reach our new families, we are also sending the school community the information with an option to share your email with the PTA for any and all future communication.

In the past, the PTA has supported the P.S. 184Q students by contributing to our dance program and funding our enrichment clusters as well as supporting our teachers in purchasing needed supplies for classrooms. Though times are different, our PTA continues to work closely with our school community to support the needs of the children. Please follow the steps required in order to attend the virtual elections and have your voices heard.  

General Reminders:

  • All families, whether blended or remote, should complete Blue Cards so that we can contact you easily in any emergency or should an important matter come up. Visit link the following link to complete online:  https://ps184q.com/2020-2021-blue-card-form/
  • Listen to telephone reminders daily to ensure you know the correct day for your child’s group, also check the website for the alternating Monday schedule.
  • Blended families please complete the bright pink health screener before arriving at school.
  • Fully Remote Families continue to visit the school website regularly to examine resources for at home support.

Thank you for your ongoing support as we reinvent school for our young students. We look forward to a year of continued learning for all!

Anna Dimilta