Weekly Update #3

Dear parents and Guardians of PS184Q,
The past week we welcomed all of our current in-person students to the building. Our students were remarkable in adjusting to the changes related to safety. Our learning areas have been working well. As you know, for grades 2-5 we have set up classrooms in alternate spaces. They are clean well ventilated and equipped with Promethian boards for instruction. Our fully remote students have adjusted to their schedules as well. We are very proud of everyone!

Staff / Blended Updates: We continue to seek full time blended teachers and are following DOE guidance in supporting our grade K-2 classes on blended days. Part time subs have been hired in the meantime to offer live instruction on certain days in certain subjects. They are working closely with in person teachers. Asynchronous work is also being posted to the google classroom supporting in person learning. We are also reorganizing classes as needed and whenever possible to support the very large demand created by our families who chose fully remote. Parents are being informed if this should occur.

Central DOE has changed Attendance procedures have changed. Asynchronous work completion counts as attendance on days when live sessions are not taking place. Assignments and due dates. Since attendance is due daily we must have student work turned in by 2:00pm each day unless otherwise noted by the teacher. Most assignments are designed like class work would be, they are based on the lessons taught on the day or day before and may provide practice.

I Ready Diagnostic:  This year we will be using an online program called I ready. It supports reading comprehension and vocabulary development for students in grades 1-5. It is a responsive program which means it assigns students work based on their performance on a reading diagnostic given 4 times per year. All grades will assign this doognostic in reading this coming week. Student must complete this independently. It will help inform their practice sessions provided. If parents provide answers then the practice will be too difficult when the daily minutes are being completed. It will also prevent the teachers from adjusting instruction to their students needs. Thank you for your cooperation in this.

Entry/Dismissal Reminders:  At entry students must submit their health screener ticket. Central DOE has updated the screener and we will be sending home a new ticket book this week. Please discard the coral colored set and use the new set instead.
Dismissal: please remember that a socially distant dismissal is also Required in order to follow guidelines. We dismiss alphabetically in order to help families to stay at a safe distance. Teachers are in control of releasing the students to families. In grade 4 and 5 students can be dismissed and walk home without an adult if parents provide signed written consent to the school. This should be a letter or note written and signed by a parent.

COVID Testing:  Central DOE is asking families to submit a paper consent form for random COVID testing. See link. This testing is for grade 1-12 students only. Based on information I received late Friday, school size determines the percent of families needed to comply. We need 20% of our families to provide permission in order for families to continue in person learning. I have not given any more specifics. I will share them as soon as I know.

Emergency Blue cards:  please complete and submit emergency blue cards as per prior years regardless of your learning preference. Here is the link to the blue cards:


As always thank you for partnering with us and supporting us in providing optimal educational experience through this unprecedented time.


Anna Dimilta