Weekly Update #2

Dear Parents and Guardians of P.S. 184Q,

As we embark on a very new school year that includes an emphasis on health and safety like no other year before, I would like to share some important information with you.

Entry and Dismissal: Entry and dismissal procedures are posted on the school website (see link below) and are designed to have children enter at the closest door to their designated learning spaces. Based on the number of staff available during this morning entry window, we have limited the classes being picked up from outdoor areas to the greatest extent possible.


Entry and Dismissal during Inclement weather: In the event of rainy weather, parents should still drop off and pick up students as per the procedures. We will direct children who are usually waiting outdoors to enter to a safe location based on the supervision available. Students must arrive and remain with the children in their cohort for the duration of the day and must be supervised.

Health Screening Tickets: Please make every effort to have your child come to school with a health ticket indicating they can enter the school building. The tickets and translated versions of the tickets are available for printing on the website. Please note that all children will receive a packet of health screening tickets to use over the next several months.

Masks: As you are aware, all individuals entering a school building are required to wear a mask. This includes children. The school will supply masks for any child who does not have one or needs one replaced for any reason. Mask breaks will occur during the scheduled lunch period and at other times during the day as per DOE guidelines as defined by the SLT. Teachers will determine a time when students can lower their masks in a safe and reasonable manner for a short duration.

K-2 Families: We thank you in advance for preparing the children for the realities of mask wearing and social distancing. Though teachers were able to meet and see their children remotely this past week we know that things will be different in person. We are asking our K-2 families to help us out by providing your child with an index card or piece of paper with their full name written on it. Seeing their name will assist the adults in properly welcoming the children without having to ask them for their names. Based on experience the young children have quiet voices which may be further muffled by the masks. We want to make them feel welcome and special beginning at drop off.

Identification tags: All students who come to school in-person will receive a school bag tag that will be fastened on the outside of their school bag with a color coded Group A or Group B label. These school bag tags must remain attached so support a smooth entry. Students who come to school on the wrong day will not be able to remain in school. Families will be called and the child will have to be picked up.

Attendance: Daily attendance is monitored for all learners. As per DOE policy the following definitions are in use during school year 20-21.

  • In Person: Student is physically present in the classroom / school learning environment for instruction during the scheduled school day.
  • Remote: Student is virtually present in a virtual learning environment for synchronous instruction during the scheduled school day

On blended and fully remote days, student attendance will be based on a response to the mood meter question as well as presence at the live sessions scheduled for that day. If your child is not able to log on or attend due to technology issues you should email the teacher and it will be documented. Please note teachers can not interrupt instruction to answer or address individual technology issues. Telephone calls to absent students homes will be made daily as a support system to ensure that the absence was not due to technology issues. Our automated phone system will also be in use.

Instruction and Schedules: Despite a staffing shortage at P.S. 184Q, we have in person teachers for all in-person students. We continue to make every effort to fully staff our blended days sessions. We have ensured that live teaching is scheduled for a portion of the blended day for all students on all grades. In Grades K-2, cluster teachers, classroom teachers (for a short time) part-time blended teachers and support teachers will be seeing students live on blended days. Asynchronous work will also be posted related to subjects taught. In grade 3-5 because of the departmentalized model and the placement of students in larger spaces, students in in person, blended and fully remote classes will have live instruction in all content areas daily. They too will have asynchronous work posted and assigned. All grades will have daily SEL (Social Emotional activities) designed to support them in their development as well. This area has always been and continues to be a priority for our school.

School Meals: As always students can bring their own lunch to school. Students should also bring enough water to drink daily. School water fountains will not be in use in order to prevent the spread of germs. This includes the bottle fill station. All children will be provided with school lunch if needed. We recommend that children eat breakfast at home each day. We do not have a location for children to have breakfast in school like in years past. We are limiting in school eating to once a day for all grades due to health and safety guidelines.

Meal Pick-Up: All families not attending school on a particular day as a result of being fully remote or the blended schedule are being offered a pick up window between 7:30 AM and 8:00 AM at exit 2/3, the doors on 21st road closest to the park. Kitchen staff will be there to distribute meals. All meals are being served in a grab and go fashion this school year.

Material Pick Up: Blended students will receive their necessary materials on the days they are in-person in school. Fully remote families were invited to pick up materials on grades where the necessary materials were ready. We will have additional pick-up for fully remote families this week. You will receive an email from your child’s teacher as to when this will be. It will be based on availability of staff. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Thank you for your continued support throughout this process. We look forward to continuing our journey in preparing your children to be Learners for life, for Life!

Anna Dimilta


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