Important Update

Dear Parent and Guardians,

Beginning on Monday March 23, 2020 all DOE schools will be transitioning to a remote learning model. In the past few days we have reached out to every family to ensure they are registered with the NYC Schools Account. This was in order to keep you connected to the system of information that streams from central DOE regarding your child. You will not need to access this account to set up your child for remote learning at P.S. 184Q. Instead you will be contacted directly by your child’s teacher with specific log in information that will enable you to do so. By tomorrow afternoon at 2:30 PM every family will have received this notification. Instruction does not officially begin until Monday morning. Until then, you may want to use the activities that we put up on the grade pages of the school website.

Many of our teachers have already reached out and begun to communicate with their students. Because this is a new way of teaching and learning we would like to ask everyone for their patience in the first few days. We are asking for families to provide their children with a quiet environment for learning during the day. Teachers will expect all students to be on their google classroom site each morning by 9:00 AM. Teachers will use a check-in system for students. Teachers will provide a combination of assignments and activities as well as interactive or video opportunities. Teacher will provide guidelines for students in terms of online behavior and communication. Daily schedules will be forthcoming. We ask parents to support the effort in keeping our young children safe when they are actively using technology. We will be incorporating movement and activity into our at home learning schedule and we ask you to support this as well, by providing time for exercise and fresh air while maintaining social distancing. Cluster Teachers and service providers will be creating lessons and assignments for their students as well.

Though this is a completely new way of teaching and learning, that we are hoping is just temporary, we are committed to ensuring continued positive learning experiences for our children. Please understand that because this is so new and there is dependency on technology, we expect to have glitches and we will deal with them as they arise. We ask for your patience and should you have any issues, please communicate with your child’s teacher directly through the systems that they have in place.

Finally, this is certainly a time to keep our children safe and comfortable and remind them that in circumstances like this the adults as well as the children are all truly Learners for Life, for Life!


Anna Dimilta


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