Dear Parents and family Members,

Respect for all Week is a designated week selected by the NYC DOE for schools to engage in activities highlighting a positive learning environment that includes all students and celebrates all students and supports a NO BULLYING atmosphere. 

At P.S. 184Q we have a yearlong kindness counts initiative that fosters an inclusive, welcoming, safe environment in our school. This month we have had a kindness challenge each day that encourages our students and staff to participate in kind acts each day. This week we continue with our daily kindness challenges. In addition, teachers will be conducting the Just Say Hi lessons each day  to remind our students  about the connection between kindness and respect, and the idea of welcoming those who are different into our school community.

On Wednesday we will celebrate “No one eats alone day” at lunch for all grades. Our guidance counselors will be in the lunchroom to conduct this event.

We are thrilled and grateful to announce that today our PTA is supporting the Kindness Initiatives at P.S. 184Q  by providing each student in the school with a special kindness notebook that reads Kindness Changes Everything. Just Say Hi lessons and other Respect for All week  writing will be entered into the notebook including some journaling related to the activities. We encourage you to continue to use the journal as a place for your child to write about special feelings related to kindness during the mid winter break next week. Notebooks will be kept in school this week.

As always, we look forward to continuing to work with you to prepare the children for the real world and make them Learners for Life, for Life, in a way that will foster their ability to make positive contributions to the real world!

Anna Dimilta

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