Health Update

Dear Families,

I am writing to provide all families with information regarding some measures we are implementing to ensure a healthy and safe environment. This is being done to add a layer of protection from the spreading of any illnesses among students and staff.

Students will be asked to use hand sanitizer when returning from the bathroom and when they return from lunch or recess. Hand sanitizer will be available on the sign out desk available for this purpose as well as any other time they wish to use it. School aides will also be providing hand sanitizer to students before they eat lunch in the cafeteria each day. 

At this time, we are working with our custodial staff to install wall mounted dispensers in each classroom and common spaces but for now we will use the pump dispensers. 

If for any reason you do not want your child to use alcohol based sanitizers due to allergies, please send in a product that can serve the same purpose with a note for the teacher.

In addition, we will be conducting a second health and hygiene lesson to follow up with those provided by our school nurse each year.

Anna Dimilta

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