Parent Coordinator Update

January 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians of P.S. 184Q Flushing Manor,

Happy New Year 2020! I hope everyone has gotten off to a great start. I am writing with updates on the search for a Parent Coordinator for our school. The official NYC DOE posting for the position has been removed after being up for the required amount of time. I have received approximately 20 applications. At this time, I have decided to invite members of the SLT to be part of the hiring process. This unique position, in a school like ours where parent input, communication and involvement is such a driving force in decision-making requires the presence of members from many perspectives. The next phase of the hiring process will be to schedule a resume review and identify the most qualified candidates to come in for an interview with the committee.

In the meanwhile, I have taken some steps to ensure that systems of communication of important information remain intact. I have been able to hire a substitute school aide who will be coming in to oversee the monthly calendar creation, website updates, email and automated phone messages. This new part time staff member is a former parent who has been volunteering for years to maintain the order and format of our school website, her name is Seva Panagiotopoulos, her email is She is not interested nor has she applied for the Parent Coordinator position. Her role will be one of maintaining communication only. She will be sending any school related information including grade specific and school wide messages via her own DOE email mentioned above. P.S. 184Q will appear in the subject line so that you are reminded to view the email. It is important you are also familiar with her email so that you do not accidentally delete the email or consider it junk.

I look forward to introducing a new Parent Coordinator to our school community in the near future.



Anna Dimilta

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