Dear Parents and Guardians:

At this time you are receiving a Student Progress Report as a beginning of the year measure of your child’s progress towards meeting the standards for the grade. Please review the report carefully, sign it and return it to your child’s teacher as soon as possible.

This year we will be issuing our first full report card in December and Parent Teacher Conferences will be scheduled for that time as well. This will allow us to get to know your children better through classroom assessments and classroom interactions. As always, we believe that the better we get to know our students the more successful we will be at engaging them and ensuring academic success. We also believe that parent communication is key to positive outcomes for our students. Though we will not be scheduling individual conferences at this time, if you have any questions or concerns about your child’s progress report please contact your child’s teacher.  

Finally, we hope by now you have been able to begin using the at home technology supports that we have shared thus far. Lexia Core 5 Instruction and First in Math are two research based online programs that will lead to improved performance if used consistently throughout the school year. In the coming days we will be adding an additional resource to support math learning. As always, we appreciate your ongoing support and participation in helping your children succeed, we know that with parents as partners our children will become true Learners for Life, for Life!


Anna Dimilta


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