PS184Q Policies and Procedures

policies and procedures

Dear P.S. 184 Parents and Guardians,

I would like to welcome you to a new school year at P.S.184Q.  I am looking forward to another year of learning and success for our students. By working together and maintaining open communication with our families and by engaging our parents and guardians, we know that our children will thrive.

This online family handbook is designed to provide you with all you need to know about PS 184’s policies and procedures.  If any situations arise, which are not covered in the handbook, please check with your child’s teacher or the appropriate staff member.

Our families are very important to our school’s success.  We continue to encourage a strong home-school partnership to ensure each child’s success.  Our staff is committed to maintaining high expectations for all students in a nurturing and supportive way. It is critical to have parental support in this endeavor.  By working together, we can achieve our common goal – of creating students who become ‘Learners for Life, for Life!’


Anna Dimilta

PS 184's Policies and Procedures

Please do not drop off your child before the designated times as there is no supervision before school starts.

7:40 AM      Free Breakfast

Children participating in the breakfast program may enter the building through the main doors into the lunchroom. Breakfast is free to all students. Children must eat school provided breakfast in order to attend the breakfast program,

8:00-8:10 AM   For safety reasons, do not stop your car directly in front of exits/entrances when dropping off your child as this creates a hazard for others. Park your vehicle legally and walk your child to the door.  Older children may be dropped off BEFORE or BEYOND the exits, and are allowed to walk on their own to the school doors. 

  • To ensure student safety, ONLY STUDENTS will be allowed to enter the school building during morning entry.
  • Prekindergarten and Kindergarten Arrival-Children will enter the building by the doors facing the school yard on the 21st road side of the building (Exit 12) through Pre-K classrooms
  • Grades 1– 5 – Grade 1 and 2 enter from 21st Ave gate/ Grade 3-5 enter from 163rd street and proceed to the Cove Door (Exit 6) (Siblings may enter together at one gate) Children will enter through the cove doors (Exit 5) in the courtyard facing 163rd street and proceed to the hallway outside their classrooms. Grade 5 students will report to the gym.
  • Bus studentsExit 1 (Main Entrance)

Older sibling/s may enter through same entrance as their younger brother/sister.

All entrances will close promptly 2 minutes after scheduled arrival time. After that time, you must escort your child through the main entrance.


2:15 PM            Pre-kindergarten

Dismissed from the Pre-K classrooms facing the schoolyard (Exit 12)


2:20 PM           Kindergarten and Grade 1

K classes will exit through the Main Entrance and walk to the right of the door (when facing the school).

Grade 1 and Class 120 will dismiss at the main entrance and walk to the left (when facing the building)


2:25 PM           Grade 2 will dismiss from the cove exit and walk straight to the sidewalk on 163rd street


2:25 PM           Grades 3 will be dismissed from cove exit and walk to the sidewalk on 21st Avenue toward 163rd street. 

2:30 PM           Grade 4 will be dismissed from cove exit and walk to the sidewalk on 21st Avenue toward 166th street.

2:30 PM           Grade 5 will be dismissed from the main entrance

Students in grades 4 to 5 may be dismissed without an adult only if indicated on the Emergency Contact Form or in a writing from a parent/guardian.


For safety reasons we request that family members wait on the sidewalk and do not enter the grassy area in the cove.

Please note that attendance is a factor in the Department of Education’s Promotion Policy Guidelines.  Absences and tardiness are recorded on each child’s report card. 18 days of absence in one school year makes up 10 % of the school year. This would mean your child only attended 90% of the school year which is the recommended requirement for promotion.


Please report your child’s absence starting at 8:30 AM, by calling the school main office at (718) 352-7800 Ext., or email Please provide the following information:  your name, your child’s name, teacher, reason for absence and when your child is expected to return to school.

Excused Absences

Children may be excused from school for illness, death in the family, religious holidays and court subpoena.  In cases of excessive absence due to illness, a doctor’s note may be required before your child is allowed to return to school. Even excused absences count as absences.



A child who arrives after the 8:10 bell must enter school through the main entrance on 21st Road. All students arriving after 8:20 AM must report to the main office for a late pass and will be marked late. Repeated lateness will result in intervention provided by the attendance team which may include a home visit by an attendance teacher. Early pick-ups are treated similarly.

P.S. 184Q houses two after school programs in our building. The NY Academy after school program and ASAP-Afterschool Science and Art Program they are not P.S. 184Q programs.  For inquiries about either program, please contact parent coordinator, Meg Baker and she will provide contact information.


The focus on instruction at P.S. 184Q is essential to the academic success of our students. Celebrations of children’s birthdays should be held at home with family and friends. However, for our young students, in the early childhood grades, we allow the following provisions for birthday celebrations. In grades Pre-K – 2 only, Birthday Celebrations will be 15 minutes long and conducted during snack time or late afternoon. Please check in advance with your child’s teacher about your plans for that day.

Parents may send in a single serving snack such as cupcakes, and/or individual juice boxes for each child in the classroom.

There are no birthday celebrations permitted in school for students in grades 3 ­– 5. No exceptions.

Siblings are not permitted to attend birthday celebrations to ensure that instructional time is not diminished and safety and order are maintained.

Also, please note that teachers are not permitted to allow distribution of party invitations to children in the classroom; invitations are distributed by parents only, outside the school building, so that no child’s feelings are hurt. This is a school policy, please refrain from asking teachers to make exceptions to this.

Prekindergarten parents are invited to celebrate with their child in school.  Grades K-5 parents may not be in attendance during birthday celebration. You may send in snacks (follow guidelines above) and your child’s teacher will give them out during designated snack time.

No goody bags may be given out.

Blue Emergency cards are distributed each year in September. This year we have once again offered our families the convenience and security of completing the emergency blue cards electronically. If you have already completed the card on line it will be printed and kept on file in the school, you will have an opportunity to review and sign the printed version of the card at the September Meet the Teacher Evening, you do not need to take any further action. These cards are essential in ensuring quick and effective communication between the school and home, especially during an emergency. In case of an emergency, we must have a phone number (other than your home or cell number) and a contact person who can be reached if you are not available. Only those persons listed on the Emergency Contact Form will be permitted to take your child should an emergency arise. Those people must live near the school and be able to come in an emergency.

These are legal documents and once they are completed, the school must abide by the information on the cards. If at any time information on the card changes you must come into the main office to complete a new card. 

If you prefer, you can request a blank card by writing a note to your child’s teacher. If you choose this option be sure to complete all parts of the card and return it as soon as possible.  Print clearly and write legibly!

The Universal Breakfast Program is open to all students at no charge. Breakfast is served from 7:40 AM to 8:00 AM Student enter the cafeteria through the main entrance. Please note that any student who attends the breakfast program MUST take and eat breakfast in school.

Department of Education Busing

Children who ride a Department of Education school bus will be placed on the bus unless we receive a change in plans in writing.


Private Busing

Private bus services should arrive prior to 2:30 PM for afternoon pick up.

In consultation with the P.S. 184Q School Leadership Team P.S. 184Q will implement the cell phone and electronic device policy as follows.

Students may bring the following electronic devices to school: 1) cell phones; 2) laptops, tablets, iPads and other similar computing devices; and 3) portable music and entertainment systems (such as iPods, MP3 players, PSP and Nintendo DS).

 All electronic devices must be turned off prior to entering the school and can be turned on only upon exiting at the end of the school day.  The devices should remain off for the entire school day. 

Electronic devices must remain in backpacks and not be made visible.  If used or seen in school, devices may be subject to confiscation by a school administrator or staff memberWhere appropriate, measures will be implemented in a progressive manner, and may include:

  • First Infraction – Warning the student to end use of the device, turn it off and put it away.
  • Second Infraction – Confiscation of item. To be returned at the end of the school day.
  • Third Infraction – Confiscation of item. To be returned following a parent conference and possibility of student entering a behavioral contract.
  • Subsequent Infraction – Revocation of privilege to bring item to school.

Please be aware that certain circumstances can cause confiscation without a warning (such as using a cell phone during a test). 

Students who use cell phones, computing devices, and/or portable music and entertainment system in violation of any provision of the DOE’s Discipline Code, the school’s policy, Chancellor Regulation A-413, and/or the DOE’s Internet Acceptable Use and Safety Policy will be subject to discipline in accordance with the guidance interventions and disciplinary responses set forth in the Discipline Code.

Please remember that digital responsibility is strongly encouraged at P.S. 184Q.  Please remember to always use your devices in a positive way.

P.S. 184Q cannot be responsible for lost or stolen devices.

Parents will receive a tear-off to sign indicating they have read and understood the policy regarding electronic devices.

It is very important that you inform us immediately of any changes in your telephone number, address, or the person we should notify in case of emergency.  Please notify the school office in advance of a planned move from our school.  (See WITHDRAWING A STUDENT in this handbook). Each Spring we provide an opportunity to update this information however you should not wait until then if any changes occur during the year.

These Chaperone Guidelines provide you with an overview of a chaperone’s responsibilities and recommendations for appropriate responses to various situations that may arise during the course of a field trip.


General Expectations

  • All school rules apply on school sponsored field trips and events. Chaperones are expected to comply with school policies, follow the directions given by the coordinating teacher, work cooperatively with other volunteers and school staff members, and model appropriate behaviors for students.
  • Chaperones must be 21, unless the parent of a child.
  • Arrive at the security desk by 9:30
  • Do not bring other children with you, DOE policy requires that only students in the classes listed on the trip plan attend the trip.
  • Once students board the bus, assist in ensuring that all students are properly belted into their seats on the school bus.
  • Chaperones should actively supervise students at all times. If you are assigned a specific group, be aware of the members and repeat a headcount frequently.
  • Assist the teacher in ensuring that the class is on task, listening attentively, following directions and completing the activities assigned. Trips are educational experiences!
  • As per teacher direction, walk children to the restrooms and back to the area where the class is assembled.
  • Have your cell phone with you so that you may be contacted by the teacher or for emergencies only.  No personal/business calls during the trip. (Except emergencies)
  • For safety reasons, do not bring food for your child or the other children. Many children have allergies and can have a severe reaction to certain foods.
  • Do not administer any medication to any student unless it is your own child and you have authorization on file at the school.
  • No pictures/posting on social media; some students do not have permission to be photographed.
  • A field trip is not the proper place to have individual conferences, please schedule a private appointment with your child’s teacher.
  • Refrain from sharing or venting about any issues you may be experiencing while you chaperone, instead, make an appointment to share your feelings with appropriate school staff.
  • Absolutely no smoking on school trips at any time.

Parents will be asked to sign a tear off indicating they understand the chaperone guidelines before any school trips occur.

At Flushing Manor we take pride in the hard work of our students and involve the entire school community in celebrating that work. Classroom celebrations provide opportunities for families to visit classrooms and learn more about the authentic work their children are doing in their classrooms. They also provide an ongoing method of communication between school and home. Classroom teachers and students themselves will explain student work products and the alignment to the standards, as well as the processes used to create the work, in detail. We hope you will be able to participate in our celebrations this year. Parent Invitations are sent out prior to each event and are listed on the school calendar as well.

We appreciate the volunteerism that exists in our school community. Because we have so many parents interested in supporting our school we do not designate any one parent as a class parent, instead we encourage our parents who are interested to share the tasks and responsibilities associated with any of the school year’s activities.

The Department of Education of the City of New York provides a comprehensive educational program to elementary students.  Our curriculum is based on the New York State Education Department’s Core Curricula, the Common Core and we are transitioning to be 100% aligned to the Next Generation Standards State Standards and Chancellor’s Instructional Expectations.

Literacy: Balanced literacy with Resources including ReadyGen Texts and Teachers College Workshop Model

Math: Balanced Math using enVisions and Engage NY along with Exemplars as resources

Social Studies: Literacy Based units based on NYC DOE Scope and Sequence in Social Studies

Science: Amplify Science

 Please visit the Department of Education’s website at and click on the Parent’s tab at the top of the page for important information about curriculum, instruction, testing and assessment.

In addition to your child’s classroom teacher, P.S. 184 has many enriching programs provided by cluster teachers who contribute to your child’s education. These subjects will appear on your child’s progress report or report card.  Clusters can vary from year-to-year and grade-to-grade but usually include Art, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving, Physical Education and more recently, Theater and Music.

Students are expected to come to school prepared to participate and learn.  We adhere to the New York City Department of Education’s current Code of Discipline that encompasses the policies and procedures in the Chancellor’s Regulations. It will be made available to all parents via an email link sent home the first week of school by the parent coordinator. Teachers will review the Discipline Code with the children during the first week of school as well.  Please review the code with your child when you receive it. It is expected that all members of the school community – students, staff and parents – know and understand the standards of behavior which all students are expected to live up to and the consequences if these standards are not met. Once again, this is preparation for success in the real world where rules and laws exist for the safety and well-being of all. An orderly atmosphere allows us to meet the academic and social emotional needs of all students!

The following guidelines for student dress have been established with the collaboration of the Parent Teacher Association and the School Leadership Team.  This list is not meant to be restrictive, but we believe that proper dress encourages a positive attitude towards school.  We do not want clothing to distract us from our primary purpose of learning. If a child does not adhere to the following guideline his/her parents will be contacted.

We encourage you to discuss these guidelines with your child.  Your cooperation will help us maintain a respectful learning environment.

  • School clothes should be neat and appropriate.
  • Words written on clothing should not have any obscenities, curse words, sexual references or be rude and demeaning.
  • Shorts and skirts must approach the knee.
  • Shirts should be long enough to tuck into pants.
  • Sneakers should be worn on gym days; this is to protect the gym floor.
  • No backless shoes or flip-flops.
  • No chains that hang from belts or leather cuffs with or without metal studs.
  • Caps and hats are not allowed to be worn in school.
  • Outdoor jackets may not be worn in school

Established procedures for school closings and delayed openings are:

Parents/guardians should listen to information broadcast by news radio stations such as WINS (1010 AM), WCBS (880 AM), “NY 1” (channel 1 on cable television) and WNYE-TV (channel 25 on cable television).  In general, you are listening for information regarding the New York City Department of Education. 

The Chancellor’s decision to close or delay the opening of schools during stormy weather will be communicated to radio and television stations before 6:00 AM

In the case of an announced two hour delayed school opening school will start at 10:00 AM   Children are to go to their designated bus stop two hours later than their regular time. Regular dismissal times will be observed.

If a storm intensifies during the school day, there may be an early dismissal.  Listen to radio and television broadcasts for details.  Regularly scheduled school busses will operate for school bus children.

Field trips are an important learning experience.  They extend the walls of our school throughout the community.  Parents/guardians will be notified and asked to fill out and return permission slips and submit any fees due.

Students who require medication while on school trips, and cannot self-administer their own medications must be accompanied by a parent/guardian.

At times it becomes necessary to ask parents to accompany their children on field trips for safety reasons as well.

Parents/guardians should bring special health concerns to the attention of teachers and the school nurse. The school nurse, Ms. Sharon McDermott, is at P.S. 184Q when students are in attendance.  During those times, she is available for students as needed for emergencies, to administer medications, and to discuss health concerns with parents/guardians. 

It is extremely important to keep your child’s Emergency Form accurate and complete with the person to be called in case of emergency, your physician’s name, and any special health concerns (such as epilepsy, asthma, diabetes, allergies, etc.)

In the case of ongoing medical conditions, a “504” form must be filed.  Please speak with the nurse or Ms. Acquista our Guidance Counselor for more information.

Department of Education policy prohibits the school from administering any medication unless prescribed by a physician. All medications must be in the original pharmacy container labeled with the child’s name, drug name, dosage, time to be given, physician’s name and parents/guardians name.  It is suggested that the parent/guardian bring the medication to school and speak with the nurse.  Children may not carry medicines, including over-the-counter medications such as Tylenol.

If a student has a contagious condition or illness, the nurse will call the parent/guardian and the child will be sent home from school.

Your child should be kept home from school when experiencing the following illnesses:

  • Chicken Pox – For six days after rash appears. Bring a doctor’s note.
  • Common Cold – Please try to be considerate of your child and the others in his/her class. Children who are not alert should not be in school.  Children who are coughing continuously should not be in school.
  • Fever – Children should not be in school until they have been fever free for 24 hours.
  • Impetigo – Stay home until all signs of infection are gone. Bring a doctor’s note.
  • Pink Eye – Child should stay home while signs of infection are present.
  • Rash – Any cases of undocumented rashes are sent home. Bring a doctor’s note.
  • Ringworm – Child must stay home until under treatment. Bring a doctor’s note.
  • Strep Throat – 24 hours after the start of antibiotics, temperature must be normal.
  • Vomiting – Children should stay home for 24 hours after the last episode of vomiting. Children who vomit at school will be sent home.

If your child appears ill in the morning, please do not send him/her to school.

Specific grades will be issuing specific information about homework each year. The following information is meant to be general


  • Homework reviews and reinforces work already taught in school.
  • Reading and written homework is assigned daily for all students including weekends. See below for daily reading guidelines.
  • Homework addresses the Common Core Standards for literacy and math. Students are expected to read and sometimes respond to text at grade level or on their own reading level (if necessary to meet individual needs).
  • Homework is reviewed promptly by the teacher or peers. Students on the upper grades are taught to check some homework as a group or individually.
  • Recommended Holiday homework will be assigned to all grades. Grade 3-5 assignments will help students prepare for NYS common core assessments in ELA and Math. This homework is highly recommended.
  • Special projects and/or reports will have intermittent deadlines to pace student work. Teachers will monitor student progress towards deadlines.
  • Homework may also include the use of online systems such as iReady, First in Math or RAZ Kids.





Total Time


Up to 15 minutes

20 minutes

35 minutes

Grade 1

Up to 25 minutes

25 minutes

50 minutes

Grade 2

Up to 30 minutes

30 minutes

60 minutes

Grade 3

Up to 40 minutes

35 minutes

1 hour 15 minutes

Grade 4

Up to 50 minutes

40 minutes

 1 hour 30 minutes

Grade 5

Up to 60 minutes

50 minutes

 1 hour 50 minutes


The Dial a Teacher Hot line, (212) 777-3380 can be helpful to you.

Effort should be made to complete homework assignments missed due to absence.  Encourage your child to have a friend to call for missed homework.

There is a “No Head Lice” policy for all NYC public schools, but no longer a “No Nit” policy. Nits are the eggs. If there is lice in your child’s class, you will receive a note with details on how to check your child for lice and what to do if your child has lice.  This is a tedious process for you and your children, please carefully follow all instructions you are given regarding lice eradication and control.  Please check your child’s head weekly to ensure a lice free school. In accordance with Department of Education guidelines, you will be asked to remove your child from school if lice are found in their head

Our school maintains a lost and found area outside the gym. Children should be reminded to check the lost and found for lost items. Personal items brought from home should be clearly marked with child’s name and class, so they can be easily identified.  The school does not assume responsibility for the loss or breakage of such items.  Please clearly mark your child’s belongings (coat, backpack, lunch box, folders, and books) with his/her name and class. Items left in school at the end of the school day, will be placed in lost and found. At the end of each month all items that were not picked up will be donated to different charities.

Our school cafeteria serves a free hot nutritious lunch daily in addition to a sandwich option and milk. 

No soda or glass bottles are allowed in school. Lunch is free to all students.

Lunchroom Conduct

All students at PS 184Q are expected to observe the following guidelines in the lunchroom:

  • Enter the lunchroom quietly.
  • Walk at all times.
  • Be respectful of the lunchroom staff that is on duty.
  • Stay seated at your assigned table and talk softly only with people at your table.
  • Clean up the table and floor at your area so that the next student may eat in a clean area.
  • Respond to all signals.
  • Line up and proceed quietly to the next designated area.
  • Students are not to leave the cafeteria without permission from the lunchroom staff.

Severe behavior problems will result in removal from the lunchroom, principal intervention and parent/guardian notification.

In the event your child forgets their lunch box the school staff will ensure they are offered a school lunch.

The NYCDOE Office of School Food mandates that each family complete a Family Income Inquiry Form, formerly called lunch application.  In June, you may have received information about how to fill out the form online. If you completed the application on line, you do not need to submit a paper application.

LUNCH #1 10:20am -11:10am Grade 1 and 2

Grade 1-Lunch followed by Recess

Grade 2–Recess followed by Lunch


LUNCH #2 11:15 – 12:00pm Grade 3 and 4


Grades 3 – Recess followed by Lunch

Grade 4 – Lunch followed by Recess


LUNCH #3 12:05 – 12:55pm Grade Pre-K, K and 5


Grade 5- Lunch followed by Recess

Grade K- Recess followed by Lunch

Grade Pre-K Activity/Lunch/Activity

Students are discouraged from bringing large amounts of money or other valuables to school except for specific purposes.  Neither the teacher nor the school can be held responsible when money or personal items are lost.

When paying for lunch, pictures, field trips, lost books or other school activities, and PTA events, please place payment in a sealed envelope with the student’s name and class clearly printed on the outside of the envelope.

If you are sending a check, your child’s name and class must be written on the front of the check.

The Parent Coordinator, Meg Baker, works under the supervision of the principal. The Parent Coordinator’s role is to engage and involve parents in the school community by communicating regularly information pertinent to school events and policies. The Parent Coordinator works closely with the PTA and the Principal.

Meg Baker

718-352-7800/ ext.5010 or 929-373-5824

P.S. 184Q prides itself on the high level of parent involvement in our community. We also recognize the time constraints on you and your family may make it difficult to be at every school event..  You can become directly involved in your child’s education is so many ways including those listed below:

  • Reviewing homework and /or class work your child brings home
  • Attending conferences
  • Communicating with your child’s teacher if you have questions
  • Chaperoning class trips
  • Attending P.T.A. meetings to learn more about school matters
  • Supporting P.T.A. activities in any way you can
  • Serving on the School Leadership Team
  • Attending Parent Workshops

The P.S. 184Q Parent-Teacher Association (P.T.A.) continues to support our school and our children in a variety of ways. Whether it is through fundraising activities, or planning special events for the children, the P.T.A. counts on your support, input and enthusiasm to make all of its plans and events successful.

Membership in the PTA is not contingent upon payment of dues.  Each parent/guardian is entitled to one vote regardless if dues are paid. The membership drive goes a long way in raising funds that are used to enhance programs.

P.T.A. meetings are held monthly in the evenings. Parents are notified of the dates and times of each meeting. They are a great way to meet other parents/guardians and share ideas and build friendships.

Parents/guardians are encouraged to communicate with school staff at any time of the school year that they have questions about their child’s progress in school. Please do not wait until conference time if you have questions. Use the school website grade page to determine the best way to reach out to your child’s teacher. You can also call the school to leave a message for your child’s teacher directly. It is best to reach out to the classroom teacher first if any questions or issues arise. The guidance Counselor is also available to support students and address questions.

Formal Parent-Teacher Conferences are held twice during the school year – at the end of the first and third marking periods.  

We are proud to have a certified Physical Education Teacher on staff for Physical Education classes, Children will have Physical Education twice per week and engage in Move to Improve activities throughout the week during class instruction and indoor recess. At times classroom teachers will be assisting in the gym. Children should wear a pair of shoes with soft soles, preferably sneakers.  This is to protect our gym floor.  No other special clothing is required.  Students who are unable to participate in physical education class should provide a written excuse signed by a doctor.

Students must exhibit understanding of a percentage of Grade level Standards for their grade in ELA and Math and have satisfactory attendance in order to be promoted to the next grade.  90 % is equal to 10 days of absences and is considered satisfactory. Multiple measures are used to determine promotion including state and classroom assessments, classwork, teacher observations, teacher data and attendance records. 

Weather permitting; all classes have outdoor recess in the schoolyard daily during their lunch period.  As per the SLT guidelines students will go out as long as the temperature is 32 degrees with the wind chill factored in. Please see SCHOOLYARD RULES in this handbook.  Children are expected to dress appropriately for the daily weather conditions. In inclement weather, recess is held indoors and children will engage in a combination of physical activity and recreational movie viewing.


In order to ensure a safe and fun environment for our students they are expected to adhere to the following rules when in the school yard:

  • Listen to the supervising staff.
  • Play only in sight of the staff on duty.
  • No one is permitted to leave the schoolyard.
  • Emphasize courtesy, consideration and respect for others.
  • Pushing, shoving or fighting is not tolerated.

All children must be released to a parent, guardian or caregiver.  If you are not picking up your child, you must send a note to your child’s teacher indicating who is picking up your child.  That person must have a photo ID and be listed on your child’s Emergency Contact Form (Blue Card)

Your child’s teacher should be made aware of play date arrangements. Remember the person picking up your child must be listed on the Emergency Contact Form or in a written notification from a parent or guardian.

Students in grades 4 and 5 may be dismissed without an adult if indicated on the Emergency Contact Form or in a writing from a parent/guardian.


Late Pick-Up

If you are late picking up your child, he/she will be taken to the lunchroom, located on the first floor.  Though we understand occasional unexpected situations, we cannot lengthen the school day and provide supervision on a regular basis. You will be asked to sign your child out if you are more than 10 minutes late. This is for emergencies only.  You must make arrangements if you cannot pick up your child by 2:30 PM. If no one picks up your child by 4 PM, and school officials have been unable to contact you or anyone on your child’s Emergency Contact Blue Card, your child will be taken to the 109th Police Precinct Station at 37-05 Union Street, Flushing. Please note we will make every effort to reach you or a family member before police are contacted.

Early Release

While we encourage parents to schedule appointments after school, we know that is not always possible. Requests for early dismissal will require a note to your child’s teacher.  You must pick-up your child in the school office.  For your child’s protection, we require that you sign your child out in the main office and wait for him/her there. 

Teachers will not release a student from their classroom unless instructed to do so by the main office.  Your child’s teacher will be called and asked to send your child to the main office.  You must sign your child in at the office upon returning to the class.

 If someone other than a parent or guardian picks up the student, that person must be 18 years old and listed on the Emergency Contact Form.  Please do not make it a pattern to pick up children early, please contact the Principal if there are extenuating circumstances that will require you to do so.

Half-Day Schedule

On designated half days, all students in grades Pre-kindergarten–5 will be dismissed at 11:30 AM. All students who regularly eat school lunch will eat lunch at school on half days. P.S. 184Q may have additional half days than those on the NYC doe school calendar.

As a DOE School, our school implements protocols that focus on emergency preparedness in all NYC Public Schools.  Every school currently has procedures for emergencies. Drills are conducted throughout the year to prepare our staff and students, and make improvements in emergency planning. As per the General Response Protocol (GRP), every school will be conducting drills designed to help prepare all school communities for three different types of response to emergencies that may occur: Evacuation, Shelter-in, and Lockdown. 
Training will begin for P.S. 184 staff and students during the month of September. Refresher lessons will be conducted throughout the school year. Please review the information that has been given to all students, and discuss these procedures with your child.  

You are encouraged to take advantage of the many resources that are available to keep families informed if there is an emergency at a school. Please be sure to submit an Emergency Contact Card (Blue card) online at or request a hard copy from your child’s teacher. All families are reminded to update the Emergency Contact Cards (Blue cards) that are on file in our main office with any changes. This includes providing information indicating phone numbers, and the names of adults who the school may release children to in an emergency.

Families are also encouraged to register with Notify NYC ( to receive information about emergency events, and call 311 for additional information about a school during an emergency.  
 Various safety drills will be conducted throughout the school year.  Children are taught the proper procedures and signals to follow.  Department of Education rules require that students remain silent, stay with their class and listen for instructions during drills.


The School Leadership Team is a Department of Education mandated team of parents/guardians, the principal, assistant principal, teachers and other school staff.  The School Leadership Team designs the school’s Comprehensive Educational Plan (CEP) which outlines school goals and allocates school resources to meet those goals. Members are appointed to the team through the election process.

Grades Pre-K-2  have a daily snack period.  Please send your child with a healthy snack of fruit, crackers, cheese, etc.  Candy and cookies are not allowed.  All students are permitted to bring water. Department of Education approved snacks will be sold every Wednesday during the lunch periods for $1.00.

The following support services are available to students at P.S. 184Q:  speech therapy, physical and occupational therapy (requires a doctor’s evaluation and prescription), after school programs, English as a New Language services, guidance services and various special education services as indicated by a child’s IEP. 

At some time during the school year, it may be beneficial for teachers and parents/guardians to request the help of these specially trained personnel.  Your written permission may be requested if we feel your child is in need of any of the services listed above. If this occurs, you will be contacted by your child’s teacher or the School Based Support Team (SBST) This team consists of a psychologist, a social worker and a family worker.  In addition to evaluating students for Special Education services, these professionals provide support services for all students and parents/guardians as necessary. Please note the members of this team are at P.S 184Q on a part time basis as per DOE assignment.

ENL – English as a New Language

The ENL program serves both general and special education children in grades K-5.

Special Education Teacher Support Services (SETSS)

Special Education Support services are provided to IEP mandated and to at risk eligible students under the direction of the Special Education Department.

The internet usage policy of The Department of Education has been created to ensure that internet resources are used appropriately and that our educational community may benefit from the resources available on-line in a manner that will not jeopardize their safety and well-being.

The purpose of access to or use of, the Internet through school board connections or equipment is solely educational; therefore, anyone who utilizes the school board’s connection must foster that purpose by using Internet resources for educational purposes in an appropriate and legal manner.

The proper use of technology resources and Internet usage will be taught to all students with Internet access.  We will send home a parent/guardian permission form for you to sign and return to school.

Permission must be obtained from the teacher and/or office staff before a student may use the telephone. For use of cell phones in school, please see ELECTRONICS DEVICE POLICY in this handbook.

Visitors must show proper identification at the security desk.  P.S. 184Q.  Safety protocols must be followed when we allow visitors to enter the school, there are no exceptions!  Visitors (parents/guardians included) must sign in at the Security Officer’s desk and be prepared to show picture I.D.  This policy applies to all events in which the school is open.

Student conduct and safety on the way to and from school should be a matter of concern to parents/guardians. 

Parents/guardians should discuss the safest route to school emphasizing the use of sidewalks and not trespassing on private property. 

A school crossing guard is stationed at the intersection of 163rd Street and 21st Road, and at the intersection of 166th street and 21stAve.

Parents/guardians and students are urged to cross the street at those corners.

The following procedures must be followed if you are planning to withdraw your child from P.S.184Q:

  • Please notify the office of the date your child will be leaving.
  • Insure that all books are returned and any fees or fines paid.
  • We will transfer copies of the student’s records after we receive a release form from the new school. When you enroll your child at the new school, you will be asked to sign the release.

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