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Our School Vision

P.S. 184Q is a dedicated community of life-long learners. Students, staff and families work together and support one another in accomplishing the essential challenge of preparing all students for college and career. By connecting rigorous curriculum and standards to authentic, real life experiences and circumstances, we engage, nurture and challenge students, while simultaneously highlighting individual strengths and talents. Our students will make a variety of positive contributions to the modern world around them and ultimately become Learners for Life, for Life!

Updates & Information

Parents and Guardians of P.S. 184Q,


is the last day of school year 19-20. We would like to wish everyone a healthy
and safe summer, full of rest and relaxation. We would also like to thank
everyone for supporting the children and the school through this unprecedented
and unexpected experience called Remote Learning.

Report Cards on the NYC Schools Account: Though
originally thought to be available to parents on the last day of school, Report
Card grades and PDF of the report card will not be available until Monday,
June 29, 2020.
 Parents of students
with IEP’s will receive progress reports via secure email from the teachers who
service their children. There will be no paper distribution of any school
documents at this time. Please note the report card will be available under
‘Student Documents’ section.

Summer Program Access: Access
to the online programs we have this school year will continue over the summer.
Please keep in mind the following expiration dates:

Raz Kids 8/31/20

Lexia/Power-Up 8/31/20

First in Math 7/31/20

We are also recommending an additional free program to
support reading. MYON runs through 8/14/20

To login:  Select school Name – from drop-down
select NYC Reads Elementary

                Username  nyc

                Password  read

Finally, please see attached letter from the chancellor
about additional summer support.

Important Updates:

Belongings/School Belongings:
 Student belongings left in the building will
be held until we can return the items to families when school reopens.
We are asking families to be prepared to return materials borrowed from the
school, including technology devices, when school fully reopens as well. Grade
5 students should also hold on to items borrowed.


on Chancellor’s Parent Survey:
70% of our families have
completed the chancellor’s survey. Thank you to those who completed it! The
deadline has been extended until June 30,2020. We will be reminding all of our
families to complete it so their opinion can count in planning for next year!




week you received specific information about how to register your child for their
NYC Student Account so they can have access to the teachhub. This registration
is critical to accessing google classrooms in September, should that be
necessary. It is also critical for any students recommended for remote summer
school. Here is some information about the different types of accounts and
their uses.


be aware that there are 3 different DOE school accounts that you may have
access to. Each one has a different purpose.


Schools Account 
– This account lets you see student’s grades/report
card, state test scores, attendance, fitness results, etc. in all DOE
languages. This is the account that you need a special creation code and the
student’s 9 digit OSIS number to create the account.  You need to set up
this account now if you have not done so already. Most of you were
contacted by the school in March when we transitioned to remote learning. 


Student Account 
– This is the STUDENT account that your child
will need to access the remote learning platforms next September such as Google
Classroom, Zoom. To set up this account, you will need your child’s 9
digit OSIS number and birth date. You will be given your child’s user name and
asked to create a password.  Please keep both username and password
in a safe place where you can access it if needed in September. You need to set
up this account now.



– This is an account that families must set up
for each student in order to apply to public schools for Pre-K, Kindergarten,
Middle school, and High School. If you are not applying to any of those
grades/schools for your child, you will not need this account yet.  You
only need this account when you apply to Pre-K, Kindergarten, Middle school,
and High School. To set up this account, you will need to input the information
asked including parent name, email, set up a password. You will be
sent a verification email with a link and be asked for more information to
set up your account.



As we
prepare to open school for school year 20-21, please understand that nothing
has been finalized and there is a possibility of things looking and being very
different, then what we are used to experiencing. As always, my goal is to
ensure that the safety and health of the students and staff is the priority,
and that the children will receive the high quality instruction that P.S. 184Q
has always delivered in the past. Class placement and final opening of school
details, will be determined and sent home by mail, at the end of the summer.


again, thank you for your continued support of your child’s education at P.S.
184Q! Hope to see everyone in September.







District feeding sites below will begin on Monday March 23, 2020


    Free Meal Locator for the most current information – http://schools.nyc.gov/freemeals