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P.S. 184Q is a dedicated community of life-long learners. Students, staff and families work together and support one another in accomplishing the essential challenge of preparing all students for college and career. By connecting rigorous curriculum and standards to authentic, real life experiences and circumstances, we engage, nurture and challenge students, while simultaneously highlighting individual strengths and talents. Our students will make a variety of positive contributions to the modern world around them and ultimately become Learners for Life, for Life!

Updates & Information

Dear Parents and Guardians of P.S. 184Q,

It is my hope that all of our families and young children in our school community are well and healthy and continue to remain that way. Congratulations to all on completing the first full week of Remote Learning, a completely new and unprecedented way of learning in our city and for our students!

This past week Mrs. Lee-Sim and I have been visiting our virtual classrooms as instruction is rolled out for our students. We are so thankful to each of our families for their constant support of their children and their continued trust in the school, even as they are challenged to deal with working from home, while simultaneously overseeing remote instruction roll out for their children. We are so grateful to our teachers for all they are doing for the students, even as they too are dealing with caring for family members, young and old, planning and providing remote learning opportunities, and trying to keep safe in the process. As always, what really brings a smile to our faces, is the high level of engagement and participation by our students, even virtually. Attendance is strong and students are excited to be able to communicate with peers and teachers despite the social distancing rules that have dictated this new way of learning for them. We are off to a great start!

Of course that does not mean that this week did not come with moments of concern and confusion for many. We understand and recognize, as the chancellor himself stated, that there will be some bumps in the road, as we continue to establish our virtual place of learning. Working together and communicating, I am confident that each day of this roll out will become less and less difficult and more and more enjoyable for our students and families. In an effort to share accurate information about remote learning at P.S. 184Q, I have prepared a Remote Learning FAQ for our families, which is attached to this email, and will also be posted on the website, under our parent resource section. It will be updated as needed. I hope this resource serves to support our families and students in this new way of learning so that we can continue to be Learners for Life, for Life!


Anna Dimilta


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Hello Families of P.S. 184Q,

Hoping everyone is safe and healthy. The eve before we embark on a whole new system of learning called Remote Learning, I wanted to reach out to you, as I continue to work with the staff to build our virtual school. I have put certain measures in place so that we can continue to support our students and their families as we have always done. At this time, I am asking for your support as well! Though sometimes lengthy, the most important thing that you can do is to read these weekly emails, as they are received and refer to them as needed.

At Home Learning Platform: We are using google classroom to deliver remote instruction. Eventually students should be engaged with activities that balance between independent work and teacher led discussions and presentations. They will be directed by their teachers to stretch and or use movement daily through a variety of ways! Individualized programs that are active through June 2020 such as Lexia, First in Math and RAZ kids and Power-Up for grade 5 students will be incorporated. We will also be introducing SEESAW for our younger students. We will also be conducting online Social emotional lessons to help our students get through this tough time. Students and staff will spend the first week familiarizing themselves with the google classroom platform. Students will also be asked to join cluster classes and or service provider classrooms and be reminded to check these for assignments and instruction on specific days as scheduled currently. This platform allows students to respond to the teachers questions and respond directly to one another using a running chat. For this reason we will be providing guidelines and asking for parental support.

Parental Support and Supervision: We know many of you will also be working from home and involved in overseeing your children as they embark on this journey of new learning. With the younger grades we will need more support from home to help the children navigate the platform and complete and turn in assignments. Mrs. Lee-Sim will continue to supervise the lower grades. With the older grades 3-5, you can have as much or as little involvement as your child needs or that you desire with assignments, but because of the description of the access to chat we do expect a high level of supervision from our parents when possible. Teachers will review proper Google classroom behaviors as aligned to the school vision and structures we already have in place such as safety first and kindness counts, the discipline code will still apply! We will be shutting chat when the teachers are not supervising to avoid any unsupervised chat. Please discuss this with your children as well!

Ongoing Communication

Weekly Principal Email: I will be sending weekly emails and more in between of the Chancellor sends updates. Please be sure that you have provided the correct email that you check most for this purpose.

School Website: Our school website home page has been revamped to include access to all information sent out regarding the COVID 19 as well as the Remote Learning Initiative. Grade pages are no longer password protected and still include some information but most will now be present on the Google Classroom that your child has been given access to. We recommend you take a look at this platform daily. DOE and NYS announcements related to education are posted.

School Aide Outreach: In the absence of a parent coordinator, all families have been assigned a support staff member (school-aide) to check in at least 1x per week with you by phone. They will have a specific “script”, please take the call and tell them how everything is going. They will be able to either point you in the right direction or communicate your concern to the school. If the support staff is unable to reach you by phone or you have informed them that your child is not engaging in the work, the support staff has been directed to be persistent with follow-up calls. Please understand that they are trying to help you so take the time to answer even if the number is unknown.

Internet or Technology Issues:

Since this is a completely new method of instruction we can expect glitches. In the event that your child cannot access google classroom for any reason, there are other learning opportunities that you can have them engage in. Here are some ideas.

· Students can read from any books you have at home, if they have already read the book they can re-read and keep track of things they did not notice the first time around.

· Students can keep a journal sharing their feelings and ideas.

· Students can write letters or cards to family members that they have been unable to see in recent days.

· Students can make their own flash cards or memory game pieces. Upper grade students can create board games related to a subject area.

· Students can access the PBS network which has notified the state that they will be providing extended educational programing for all school age students. This can be done without internet or cable!

· Students can help with figuring out adjusting recipes using their math skills. They can also practice their number facts the old fashioned way with flash cards!

· Students can create arts and crafts projects with everyday items.

· Grade specific packets for at home study are being distributed by the DOE at the feeding centers, (these are listed on the school website) You may want to print or photograph this list as a resource in the event you cannot get on the internet.

Finally, please know that the entire staff is committed to doing all we can to ensure engagement and active learning for our students, this will take time, as we are using a completely new system of instruction. Our teachers have worked all week to be ready for tomorrow. We all miss seeing the children each day and we know reconnecting with them, even virtually, will go a long way in brightening up our days. We are confident it will do the same for the children!


Anna Dimilta


Dear Parent and Guardians,


Beginning on Monday March 23, 2020 all DOE schools will be transitioning to a remote learning model. In the past few days we have reached out to every family to ensure they are registered with the NYC Schools Account. This was in order to keep you connected to the system of information that streams from central DOE regarding your child. You will not need to access this account to set up your child for remote learning at P.S. 184Q. Instead you will be contacted directly by your child’s teacher with specific log in information that will enable you to do so. By tomorrow afternoon at 2:30 PM every family will have received this notification. Instruction does not officially begin until Monday morning. Until then, you may want to use the activities that we put up on the grade pages of the school website.


Many of our teachers have already reached out and begun to communicate with their students. Because this is a new way of teaching and learning we would like to ask everyone for their patience in the first few days. We are asking for families to provide their children with a quiet environment for learning during the day. Teachers will expect all students to be on their google classroom site each morning by 9:00 AM. Teachers will use a check-in system for students. Teachers will provide a combination of assignments and activities as well as interactive or video opportunities. Teacher will provide guidelines for students in terms of online behavior and communication. Daily schedules will be forthcoming. We ask parents to support the effort in keeping our young children safe when they are actively using technology. We will be incorporating movement and activity into our at home learning schedule and we ask you to support this as well, by providing time for exercise and fresh air while maintaining social distancing. Cluster Teachers and service providers will be creating lessons and assignments for their students as well.


Though this is a completely new way of teaching and learning, that we are hoping is just temporary, we are committed to ensuring continued positive learning experiences for our children. Please understand that because this is so new and there is dependency on technology, we expect to have glitches and we will deal with them as they arise. We ask for your patience and should you have any issues, please communicate with your child’s teacher directly through the systems that they have in place.


Finally, this is certainly a time to keep our children safe and comfortable and remind them that in circumstances like this the adults as well as the children are all truly Learners for Life, for Life!





Anna Dimilta



District feeding sites below will begin on Monday March 23, 2020