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Our School Vision

P.S. 184Q is a dedicated community of life-long learners. Students, staff and families work together and support one another in accomplishing the essential challenge of preparing all students for college and career. By connecting rigorous curriculum and standards to authentic, real life experiences and circumstances, we engage, nurture and challenge students, while simultaneously highlighting individual strengths and talents. Our students will make a variety of positive contributions to the modern world around them and ultimately become Learners for Life, for Life!

Updates & Information

Dear Parents and Guardians of P.S. 184Q,

I hope everyone continues to be healthy and well. Last week our introductory issue of the Counseling newsletter got 70 views. This week we are once again providing the 

Newsletter for families and we hope more families will take a look! Please click on the link below to access the newsletter for some ideas to help you manage this period of remote learning and social distancing.


Updates on Pre-K and Kindergarten Registration

Parents received their K and Pre-K offers via their NYC schools account. At this time, only Kindergarten registrations are taking place via email. Ms. Smalios, our pupil accounting secretary is emailing families with offers directly via the email that was provided during the online registration process. Necessary requested documents are then sent back to her via email. The Pre-K registration process has yet to begin. Once the New York City DOE issues guidance on the process, we will be in touch with families about how to proceed. 

Updates on Senior Dues and Trip Refunds

The DOE is allowing schools to gain access to school accounts so that we can prepare to send out refund checks from the General School Fund. Additional checks must be ordered, postage purchased and addresses must be verified before anything can be mailed out. We will be working with our teachers to get information about money collected for cancelled trips. The PTA account continues to be frozen. A separate email l will go home to grade 5 families with more details about grade 5 dues refunds and end of year plans.

Wellness Wednesdays

Each week I will be sharing a link to a Wellness Wednesday resource that was developed by the NYC DOE. I will share this information in my daily announcement which I post daily in each google classroom. I hope you can take the time to listen to the announcements each day with your children!

GO Spirit Friday

This Friday, May 22, 2020, we will be holding Disney Day for our GO Spirit Friday. Students can dress up as a Disney character or anything Disney related. Listen to morning announcements to find out what the GO decides about ideas to be shared by our students!

Thank you for your ongoing support of your child’s education at P.S. 184Q!


Anna Dimilta


Dear Parents and Guardians of P.S. 184Q,

Attached below is an important letter from the Department of Health & Mental Hygiene and the Chancellor.

Important Health Information.pdf

For translations of this letter visit the link below:


Dear Parents and Guardians of P.S. 184Q,

I hope everyone is staying healthy and doing well during this ongoing challenging period in history. I continue to live in gratitude for the amazing work and commitment of our entire school community.

Our guidance counselor team, Mrs. Acquista and Ms. McHugh are working remotely with so many of our students and their families each day. They have created the Counselor’s Corner classroom open to all students using the code zibkkr4 which provides some suggested social emotional activities for students. Last week they scheduled Lunch Bunch Live Meets for our upper grade students on designated days. Information on the meets were posted in classrooms. These meets are voluntary and will allow for some supervised social interaction. This week they are introducing the Counseling Newsletter for families. Please click on the link below to access the newsletter for some ideas to help you manage this period of remote learning and social distancing.


Other Updates and Information for the P.S. 184Q Community

Grading Policy and Guidance: As you may know, the Chancellor has announced a citywide grading policy for all grades. In K-5 the policy requires all schools to give a final grade of MT-Meets Standards or N- Needs improvement to all students in all areas of the report card. As in the past, our final marking period feeds into the cumulative grade for the school year. Students’ final grades will be compiled using a cumulative approach. We are not permitted to change existing grading systems or scales on individual assignments. We will continue to use existing grades for individual assignments and these grades will be recorded. This will help us with more specific instructional planning and placement in the future. When we enter grades in the report card we must follow the citywide guidelines. Basically the report card grades will be entered using the following conversion:

MT- Equivalent to any grades in the E G S range

N- Equivalent to any grades in the N.U range

Parent Engagement/ Communication: This week as per the DOE guidelines the May parent engagement time should include giving parents an opportunity to check in with teachers. These meetings are not necessary for those parents who have been in touch with teachers in recent weeks. Each teacher is providing time in their flexible schedule for those parents who wish to meet virtually. Please be reminded these meetings will be scheduled to be brief in nature.

Remote Learning Survey Results: Though we have already made adjustments to remote instruction based on feedback from our families, we have now received results of the official remote learning survey and will be examining these results to consider additional changes to remote learning. Your feedback matters to us and as always, we work with our families to do what is best for the children!

P.S. 184Q Parent Coordinator Update: I am awaiting a decision from the DOE to approve an exception to the hiring freeze that has been put into effect so that I can continue the hiring process for our parent coordinator. I will inform the community of any progress on this endeavor.

GO Spirit Friday: Next Friday we will be holding Hats-off to a family member! A spirit day honoring our family members who have supported us through this new way of learning. Students will wear hats and make a sign honoring a family member or family members and be prepared to share it. They will share the sign and their ideas with their classmates as they are directed by individual teachers.

Thank you for your ongoing support of your child’s education at P.S. 184Q!


Anna Dimilta


Dear Parents and Guardians of the P.S. 184Q Community,

I hope everyone is healthy and well.

P.S. 184Q Essential Worker Video: We are sharing another special video of student work dedicated to thanking our very own P.S. 184Q essential workers. Though the building is shut down, our custodial staff and kitchen staff have been required to work during this time. We are so proud of the thoughtful notes letters and signs that the children created. The link is included in this email and will be posted in classrooms on Monday morning with my morning announcements.

Running Record Completion: Please encourage your child to complete their Running Record assignment on RAZ Kids as independently as possible. Teachers will be listening to the recordings sent in by students in response to this assignment.

GO Spirit Friday: This Friday we will be wearing school colors (blue and gold) to celebrate school spirit Friday. Students can share something special about their teacher in honor of teacher appreciation week.

Graduation, Stepping Up and End of Year Celebrations: As per the DOE guidance will be holding virtual celebrations for our Pre-K, Kindergarten and Grade 5 students in June. I will be discussing ideas for future special events for our grade 5 students, with the Grade 5 graduation committee in the coming days. More information will be forthcoming.

Parent Workshops: The borough Field Support Center and the District are offering parent workshops virtually. See information below.

Queens North Parent Workshops Flyer – English.pdf

Queens North Parent Workshops Flyer – Spanish.pdf

Queens North Parent Workshops Flyer – Chinese.pdf

We look forward to a productive and exciting week ahead! Stay healthy and well and remember to continue practicing social distancing, even as the weather gets better!


Anna Dimilta


Dear Parents and Guardians of the P.S. 184Q Community,

I hope this email finds all of our families healthy and well.

After just 25 days of remote learning, I would like to thank all of the members of our school community for all they have given to implement this new and unchartered initiative. I would also like to say how proud I am of our students for contributing to the Hospital Worker Thank You Video that was posted in classrooms on Friday. I am including the link to the video here and invite you to share it with any hospital or facility who you might have a connection to. Let us know if you decide to share it!
Hospital Worker Thank You

Each week Mrs. Lee and I visit remote classrooms and browse assignments, look at student work that is submitted and read teacher feedback to students. We also watch instructional videos and videotaped lessons and listen to voice over power points or read aloud presentations posted by our teachers. All of these are examples of live instruction as defined by the Department of Education. Recently, we have begun to drop in during live meets or commented on live chats, another method of live instruction. All of these interesting techniques used by our teachers have come together to provide our young children with a variety of remote learning experiences. Last week the DOE released a parent survey, specific to remote learning. If you have not completed it yet, please do and share your thoughts! Only parents complete the survey for elementary schools. The link to the survey is


Here are some other updates for you.

• Our own SLT met remotely for the first time since the school building closed. We discussed many topics including a remote learning grading policy and budget. The NYC DOE is releasing guidance on a grading policy in the coming days. We will share the final information when we receive it.

• The NYC DOE is releasing information about Graduation ceremonies, senior dues and June activities for graduates. We are awaiting this guidance but as of right now we have been directed that all PTA and school spending is on hold.

• We are implementing changes in response to your feedback. Beginning this week, no more than 3 assignments will be due daily on all grades. This does not include the online, independent computer program minutes that we are requiring of all students in Lexia, (Power Up for grade 5) RAZ kids and First in Math.

• Running Record Assignments will be assigned in grades K-5 this week using the RAZ kids program. Though there is some variation to levels on the system compared to the one we use in school, please follow the directions provided by your child’s teacher to have your child complete this important assessment. Remember children should complete this activity independently!

• Spirit Fridays continue this week on MAY 1, 2020. The GO has decided to go back to an old favorite, PAJAMA DAY. Each spirit day will connect to the theme of appreciation. While wearing PJ’s students can share all the positive things they enjoy about remote learning on their classroom chat. Teachers will post the time frame when chat will be opened up for this purpose. Students will answer this prompt. Besides being able to wear pajamas, what I love about remote learning is…

We look forward to continuing this journey and modeling the school vision and mission of creating a community of Learners for Life, for Life!

Anna Dimilta



Good Evening to our P.S. 184Q Families,

As we begin the week of upcoming days that would have been our Spring Break 2020, which includes many religious holidays, we would like to encourage all of our families to stay strong and take time to focus on and celebrate the Better days of the past, while remaining hopeful for the Better days that are to come. As difficult as this is and will continue to be we must remember the children, think of their need to hear that everything will be alright and let them know that we will get through this. We ask you to watch the link below with your family and share your own images of happy days with your children and then with us. We would love to see your happy moments.

Send photos to kscialo-cohen@schools.nyc.gov

Watch Video: https://youtu.be/ekZ95yAZt9o

Also, because of the unique nature of the upcoming days, our remote learning classrooms will look different. Though student attendance must be recorded, as always using the daily mood meter attendance question. We will allow several days for assignments to be completed, we will encourage family oriented, creative projects as well as engaging fun opportunities. We have also included the NYC DOE suggestions for those families who want to provide more academic experiences for the children.

We wish all of our families peace, health and togetherness (even if it has to be remotely) during the upcoming Passover and Easter Seasons.

Anna Dimilta


Dear Parents and Guardians of P.S. 184Q,

Hoping all of our school community members continue to be healthy and well. Wishing speedy recoveries for anyone who might not be well at this time.

As many of you may have heard, remote learning is scheduled to continue during the scheduled spring break as well as the upcoming religious holidays. (April 9- April 19) A letter from the chancellor is attached regarding this recent change in the school calendar. As we await guidance from the DOE for engaging ideas for remote learning during this unique period, our teachers have already started brainstorming their own ideas for the time frame as well.

In the past, in previous consultation with the SLT and in response to community feedback, any vacation assignments had been only recommended for our students. This was in order to accommodate those families celebrating or honoring religious days or just planning vacation and relaxation time. The current circumstances require us to provide remote learning daily for all students. We plan to include many enrichment opportunities with choices for students as well as several optional opportunities as well. As per the chancellor’s letter, we ask those families who will be honoring religious holidays or specific vacation days to please let the school know. This information will be helpful when we are reaching out to families about attendance as we do.

In addition to this change in the calendar, we also received word on Friday evening that the DOE has suspended the use of Zoom as a live teaching option and that they are currently reviewing the Google Meet live session option as well. As many of you have noticed these are the two platforms that most of our teachers were researching experimenting with, and using over the past two weeks. This information will now require us to stop using these platforms and begin to experiment with the new platform that the DOE is recommending called Teams. This will take some time and we once again ask for your patience as we receive clarification, guidance and training. We will be in touch if any student specific information needs to be shared for this new platform to be implemented.

Thank you for your continued patience and understanding. Our commitment to ensuring that all of our students receive what they need to be successful, engaged, Learners for Life, for Life remotely continues!


Anna Dimilta


Dear Parents and Guardians of P.S. 184Q,

It is my hope that all of our families and young children in our school community are well and healthy and continue to remain that way. Congratulations to all on completing the first full week of Remote Learning, a completely new and unprecedented way of learning in our city and for our students!

This past week Mrs. Lee-Sim and I have been visiting our virtual classrooms as instruction is rolled out for our students. We are so thankful to each of our families for their constant support of their children and their continued trust in the school, even as they are challenged to deal with working from home, while simultaneously overseeing remote instruction roll out for their children. We are so grateful to our teachers for all they are doing for the students, even as they too are dealing with caring for family members, young and old, planning and providing remote learning opportunities, and trying to keep safe in the process. As always, what really brings a smile to our faces, is the high level of engagement and participation by our students, even virtually. Attendance is strong and students are excited to be able to communicate with peers and teachers despite the social distancing rules that have dictated this new way of learning for them. We are off to a great start!

Of course that does not mean that this week did not come with moments of concern and confusion for many. We understand and recognize, as the chancellor himself stated, that there will be some bumps in the road, as we continue to establish our virtual place of learning. Working together and communicating, I am confident that each day of this roll out will become less and less difficult and more and more enjoyable for our students and families. In an effort to share accurate information about remote learning at P.S. 184Q, I have prepared a Remote Learning FAQ for our families, which is attached to this email, and will also be posted on the website, under our parent resource section. It will be updated as needed. I hope this resource serves to support our families and students in this new way of learning so that we can continue to be Learners for Life, for Life!


Anna Dimilta



District feeding sites below will begin on Monday March 23, 2020


    Free Meal Locator for the most current information – http://schools.nyc.gov/freemeals